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Apparently Kylie Jenner Is a Chemtrail Conspiracy Theorist

Kylie Jenner posted a message to her Twitter followers on the dangers of chemtrails, the global conspiracy theory that the government is spraying the skie… READ MORE

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Kylie Jenner Sports Gold Band On Her Ring Finger!

Did Kylie and Tyga take their relationship to the next level?

Jenner shared a selfie to her Instagram followers on Thursday in which she sat passenger̵… READ MORE

Kim & Khloe, Kylie & Kendall’s Fans All Turning Against Them In Public...

For better or worse, the Kardashian/Jenner clan knows how to get attention. But recently, some of that attention has been notably bad. Have fans begun to tu… READ MORE

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Kim Kardashian Does Damage Control For Sister Kylie Jenner

When you mess with one, you mess with them all! After Keeping up with the Kardashians reality star Kim Kardashian went on national TV to defend her younger si… READ MORE

10 Times Kylie Fudged The Truth

Keeping up with the Kardashians practically invented reality TV fakery. However, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner, recently took the truth-twisting off-scre… READ MORE

Kylie Jenner Got Breast Implants Months Ago

Kylie Jenner recently came clean about her lip injections, but she might have something else to get off her chest. An insider tells that th… READ MORE

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Nicki Minaj Takes Swipe At Tyga's Relationship With Kylie Jenner

Oh, no she didn’t! Nicki Minaj has taken a major dig at her onetime protégé, Tyga, in her new video, featuring Beyonce.

In a scene from “Feeling … READ MORE

Blac Chyna & Kylie Battle It Out In Brand Brag-Off

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner have been locked in a nasty feud since Tyga started dating the teenage reality star, but the two women have been battling over bli… READ MORE

Kylie & Kendall Jenner Visit Bruce Before 'KUWTK' Special Airs

Kylie Jenner posted a snapchat video from her visit with her Bruce Jenner where she complained about Kendall and her dad ruining her video just a day before h… READ MORE

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Sisters At War! Kylie Jenner 'Hates' Living In Model Kendall's Shadow

Kendall Jenner’s modeling career has exploded over the past year, leaving her younger sister Kylie struggling to find her own niche in the famous fa… READ MORE

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Kylie Jenner & Tyga Are Secretly Engaged!

Rapper Tyga, 25, raised lots of eyebrows when he began dating his 17-year-old neighbor, Kylie Jenner. Now the pair, who have only recently admitted to beinREAD MORE

Khloe & Kylie 'Both Augmented Lips' Before NYC Trip, Docs Say

Keeping Up With the Kardashians contenders for the biggest lips— 17-year-old Kylie Jenner and her role model and mother-figure Khloe Kardashian, 30—ste… READ MORE

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Kylie Begs Tyga To Take Lie-Detector Test And Prove He's Not Cheating

Kylie Jenner is finally ready to face reality! A source tells that the 17-year-old E! star is no longer kidding herself about the possibil… READ MORE

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Kylie Jenner's Mom 'Nervous' Boyfriend Tyga Is The 'Wrong Crowd'

They haven’t announced an official romance, but Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga are doing little to hide their relationship.

While Jenner’s Ka… READ MORE

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Kylie Jenner Slams Kris On Social Media & Calls Khloe 'Mother'

Blac Chyna was not the only one that Keeping up with the Kardashians 17-year-old Kylie Jenner took jabs at over the weekend! has learned th… READ MORE

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Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna Exchange Jabs Over Mother's Day Weekend

Kylie Jenner‘s feud with Blac Chynaknows no holidays! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star kept the shade throwing going on Mother’s Da… READ MORE

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Kim Admits She Eats At KFC And In-N-Out, Says 'I'm 20 Pounds Heavier'

Kim Kardashian revealed she’s insecure about packing on 20 pounds on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

While trying to co… READ MORE

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Kardashian Family Reacts To Kylie Jenner's 'High' Confession Video

Just how far will Kylie Jenner go to create a social media scandal? The Keeping up with the Kardashians 17-year-old posted a shocking video on Snapchat Thur… READ MORE

Kylie Jenner's Feud With Nemesis Blac Chyna Is Back On!

Blac Chyna can clearly keep up with Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner‘s digital punches. Each time Jenner takes to her social media t… READ MORE

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First Look At Bruce Jenner's Upcoming 'KUWTK' Transition Special

Bruce Jenner has already revealed to the world that he is transitioning to become a woman in his recent interview with Diane Sawyer. But now, fans get to see h… READ MORE