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Michelle Obama Ski Trip Cost Taxpayers $57,000 thumbnail

Michelle Obama Spends $57,000 On Ski Trip To Aspen With Daughters

Hey big spender! On a skiing trip to Aspen with her daughters, Michelle Obama reportedly spent $57,000 – and that was only what they dished out for travel exp… READ MORE

michelle-obama-threatens-daughters-first-lady-president-obama-know-kids-humiliated-PP-SL thumbnail

Michelle & Barack Obama 'Threaten' Daughters To Keep Them In Line

Michelle Obama carefully guards her daughter’s privacy but in a revealing new interview, she explained how she and President Barack Obama keep the… READ MORE

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Book Exposes Secrets Of America & Britain's Most Famous Families

RadarOnline.com has obtained a sneak peek of The Residence, the tell-all new book by Kate Andersen Brower, and it reveals some major shockers at the highes… READ MORE

Michelle Obama Gets Groovy In Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2 – ...

Michelle Obama shows off her dance moves while making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, April 2, in New York City.… READ MORE

Michelle Obama Bald Jeopardy Appearance thumbnail

Michelle Obama Appears Bald On 'Jeopardy'

The stress of the oval office has created wrinkles on many presidents’ faces, but what about the first ladies? Michelle Obama proved that political READ MORE

Univision Fires Host Over Michelle Obama Comment

Rodner Figueroa made Planet of the Apes reference.… READ MORE

Don't Cross These Stars -- They May Throw The Ultimate Shade Your Way

Popularized by classic movie actress Sophia Loren, “side-eye” serves as the ultimate diss for female icons, and today’s celebrities are no exception, se… READ MORE

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George H.W. Bush In Poor Health, Has Possible Dementia

George H.W. Bush recently missed a high-profile White House event, as he’s been confined to a wheelchair in his Kennebunkport, Maine estate due to a battle … READ MORE

Ritzy R&R: Glitzy Vacation Spots Of The Rich And Famous

When it comes to letting their hair down, celebrities know how to party. From the Caribbean to the south of France the world is one massive playground for the … READ MORE

President Barack Obama Leads The Country In Having Fun

President Barack Obama shows off his humorous side while playing politics.… READ MORE

Secrets & Lies: 30 Facts The Obamas Don’t Want You To Know

The secrets, the lies and the betrayal of a nation. The 30 facts the Obamas don’t want you to know!… READ MORE

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President Barack Obama Caught Leering Down A Girl’s Dress!

A recent college grad got a lot more than a presidential handshake when she introduced President Barack Obama at a recent speech in Denver, Colorado. Accor… READ MORE

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Bill Clinton Telling Friends Obama Is 'Sabotaging' Hillary Prez Run

With rumors swirling that Barack Obama has promised his support to projected Hillary Clinton challenger Elizabeth Warren for the 2016 presidential race… READ MORE

Obama Speaks At National Prayer Breakfast thumbnail

White House Drug Scandal! Prez Thinks His Pies Are Made With Crack!

President Barack Obama took a moment during his speech to praise one particular member of his staff, the White House pastry chef, and might have given the fa… READ MORE

obama-incompetent-tell-all-book-claims-hilary-clinton-bill-secretary-of-state-3-WIDE thumbnail

Obama Is An ‘Incompetent’ ‘Joke’ Whose ‘Word Isn’t Worth Sh*t!' N...

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton apparently put bitter campaign trail clashes behind them when the President made Bill Clinton’s wife Secretary of State … READ MORE

100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner thumbnail

Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Jessica Simpson And George Clooney Get M...

Joel McKale was on fire as the host for Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, taking on the biggest names in Hollywood and Presiden… READ MORE

Kimye Vogue Covers Sell PP thumbnail

Kim Kardashian's ‘Vogue' Cover Set To Break Sales Records — ...

Sarah Michelle Gellar made the decision NOT to keep up with the Kardashians, but hundreds of thousands of others did!

RadarOnline.com has learned Vogue is … READ MORE

Michelle Obama To Appear On ‘Nashville’

FLOTUS Is heading from D.C. to Tennessee! First Lady Michelle Obama is making a cameo appearance — as herself — in an upcoming episode of Nashv… READ MORE

Queen Of Mean: Michelle O's Top 15 Freak-Outs

Jackie Kennedy, she isn’t. Michelle Obama has made her mark on White House history by being a thoroughly modern First Lady — and that includ… READ MORE