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Cosby's Wife Speaks Out, Compares Allegations to UVA Rape

Comedian Bill Cosby‘s wife Camille has spoken out to defend her husband’s character in the face of renewed assault accusations.… READ MORE

Santa Calls Reese Witherspoon Naughty and More

Reese Witherspoon has been labeled ‘naughty’ by Santa Claus this week. The actress, who just picked up Golden Globe and SAG Award nomination… READ MORE

Wiz Khalifa Is Facing a Six Figure Sex Nightmare

Rapper Wiz Khalifa‘s steamy night with Playboy model Carla Howe is turning into a nightmare, now that the sexy brunette is thinking about selling th… READ MORE

Chris Hemsworth Says He Had No Empathy For Liam's Bad Relationships

Chris Hemsworth opened up to GQ about his little brother’s dating history. He says he had no empathy for Liam’s bad relationships. And it got u… READ MORE

Jokes about Race and Obama In Leaked Sony E-Mails

Leaked Sony E-Mails reveal jokes about President Obama and race.… READ MORE

Mila Kunis Show Off Toned Abs, Talks Breastfeeding & Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis Show Off Toned Abs, Talks Breastfeeding & Ashton Kutcher… READ MORE

2015 Golden Globe Nominations: Surprises and Snubs

2015 Golden Globe Nominations: Surprises and Snubs… READ MORE

Avril Lavigne's Rep Says Health Issues Are Not Due To Pregnancy

Avril Lavigne announces that she has been suffering from health issues.… READ MORE

Kim K Says Her Weight Gain Is God's Punishment for Being 'Too Hot'

Kim Kardashian says her weight gain is God’s punishment for being “too hot”.… READ MORE

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reunite After Weeks Apart

After spending weeks apart, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reunite.… READ MORE

Joan Rivers Leaves $150 Million to Family, Staff, and Dogs

Joan Rivers will leave $150 Million to family members, staff, and various charitable organizations.… READ MORE

Jay-Z & Beyoncé In Bidding War Over $85 Million Mansion

The power couple are reportedly locked in a bidding war over their $85 million dollar mansion.… READ MORE

Will Ferrell Twerks for Kevin Hart Behind the Scenes of 'Get Hard'

Two of the funniest men on the planet are finally teaming up for a movie.… READ MORE

Kendra Baskett Admits She Nearly Ended Her Life

The hottie reveals she had suicidal thoughts during her marriage crisis, which played out in the media. She insists only one thing stopped her.… READ MORE

Lindsay Lohan Attempting Return to Fashion World

Lindsay Lohan is attempting to comeback to the fashion world with her Civil Clothing x Lindsay Lohan line.… READ MORE

Film Awards Season Kicks Off

The US film industry’s annual award season got under way in New York this week with three separate awards announcements.… READ MORE

Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Get Emotional In Times Square

Even world dominating singing sensations can get a overwhelmed by the sheer size of themselves.… READ MORE

A Day in the Life of the World's Most Successful Male Model

See what life is like for the most successful male model in the world.… READ MORE