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Lance Armstrong Tweets About Newborn Son

World champion cyclist Lance Armstrong announced the healthy arrival of his newborn baby boy, named Max, via his Twitter Thursday.

“Wassup, world… READ MORE

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Is Lindsay Lohan Following Sam Ronson Around London?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are playing a bizarre ‘cat and mouse’ love-chase game around London.

The on-off couple won’t confirm if they are back tog… READ MORE

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Oprah Fights Spam Scam

Even Oprah knows that when something is O-certified it sells — so the media mogul took to her Twitter to blast the rampant spam scam using her name to pr… READ MORE

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Amex Says Courtney Love Stiffed Them For More Than $300K

Courtney Love apparently never leaves home without it.

Love was sued for $352,059 Wednesday by American Express, who said in a statement to the U.S. Distri… READ MORE

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Demi & Ashton To Attend Britain’s Got Talent Finale; Simon P...

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher will jet across the Atlantic to see Susan Boyle in the big finale of Britain’s Got Talent – after Simon Cowell stumped-up for tw… READ MORE

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Insomniac John Mayer Tweets About Coffee, Cereal

John Mayer never fails to keep his Twitter fans abreast of the most insignificant moments of his rock star life.

The eccentric musician spent his night drin… READ MORE

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Ryan Seacrest Tweets About American Idol

Ryan Seacrest, admittedly exhausted on the heels of Danny Gokey‘s surprise elimination from American Idol, still mustered up the energy to tweet t… READ MORE

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Prostitute Who Survived “Craigslist Killer”: Twitter Entri...

We’re getting new insight into the day-to-day life of Trisha Leffler — the 29-year-old Las Vegas prostitute — who was allegedly robbe… READ MORE

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Jessica Simpson Tweets About Squatting

Jessica Simpson — who’s taken heat in the past over her fluctuating weight – is showing once again that she has a sense of humor when it co… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Lil Jon Has Miley’s Number, Literally

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

Superstar rapper with dreadlocks, grills and a catalogue of lewd and lascivious material gets a new phon… READ MORE

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John Mayer Has Frank Under His Skin

Start spreading the news, he’s Tweeting away.

On his Twitter early Wednesday, Grammy winner John Mayer shares some random thoughts.

“Some g… READ MORE

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Beyonce Knowles: Twitter Impostors Beware

Beyonce Knowles isn’t keen on e-poseurs.

The actress-singer, according to the UK Sun, is planning legal action towards those pretending to be her o… READ MORE

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Brooke Hogan Really Wants To Dance With The Stars

Brooke Hogan isn’t subtle about dropping hints.

The 20-year-old reality TV diva (Hogan Knows Best, Brooke Knows Best) apparently wants to follow i… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Samantha Ronson So Over Twitter

Twitter, the burgeoning micro-blogging social network, has one less famous face today.

Samantha Ronson, whose relationship with Lindsay Lohan looks to … READ MORE

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Mariah Carey In Fender Bender; Tweets About Accident

Mariah Carey is going to sleep in more often.

The superstar singer wrote on her Twitter that her and other passengers were fine after an early morning minor c… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Stars Promote Idol Favorites Via Twitter

Twitter, the emerging social network favored by the rich and famous, has a new use — American Idol politicking.

“My heart breaks for Lil Round… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Woman Thanks Demi For Saving Her Life

The Northern California woman who was saved by Demi Moore and the Twitter community from committing suicide tells RadarOnline exclusively: “I’m eternal… READ MORE

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Demi Moore Tweets Woman Out Of Killing Herself

After an outpour of responses, a woman who threatened her own suicide to actress Demi Moore over Twitter was located and taken into custody, police said Fri… READ MORE

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The Family That Twits Together

No pole dancing, courthouse shouting matches or secret recordings for the Hogans this week — just Twitter.

Via recent posts on the burgeoning socia… READ MORE

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Pete Wentz Gets in Hot Water With Wife Ashlee Simpson

Proving all was well in marital land despite rampant breakup rumors, Pete Wentz and wife Ashlee Simpson recently locked lips on stage at an awards show. Des… READ MORE