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Kanye West

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Saturday TV Hot List

Ellen Degeneres rocks the house with her variety show special, Ellen’s Bigger Longer & Wider Show! Featuring musical guests, dancers, and eclectic s… READ MORE

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Kanye West’s Birthday Party with Ex

Just a day after his rep announced that Kanye West was a single man, the rapper was spotted celebrating his 32nd birthday with his former flame, glamour mode… READ MORE

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Kanye West & Amber Rose Split Up

The glamorous, Fashion Week-laden romance of rapper Kanye West and model Amber Rose is finished.
has learned that West broke up with the h… READ MORE

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Michael Jackson & Kanye West Love Diversity

Britain’s Got Talent winners – dance group Diversity – have been rewarded with a performance alongside rap superstar Kanye West, and now the … READ MORE

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Paris Steals Everything But Riri’s Umbrella!

Paris Hilton‘s musical stylings haven’t quite hit the platinum plateaus that Rihanna‘s have, but the Hilton heiress can beat out any … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West Pleads Not Guilty

Kanye West has pled not guilty to battery charges.  Kanye’s attorney Blair Berk snuck in under the radar and appeared on his behalf this past Friday. … READ MORE

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Kanye West Posts New Rihanna Single Trashing Chris Brown

Rihanna, who has kept eerily silent regarding the Feb.8 incident in which her ex, Chris Brown, allegedly assaulted her, has finally broken her silence the … READ MORE

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Kanye West : “South Park Murdered Me”

Who knew Kanye West actually had a self-deprecating sense of humor?

The rapper reacted surprisingly to Wednesday’s episode of South Park that paro… READ MORE

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Kanye’s Girl’s Style: Tiny, Tight, Now Trite

Amber Rose, the arm candy gallivanting fashion weeks around the globe with hip-hop superstar Kanye West, appeared to have a unique and fresh take on fashio… READ MORE

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Carrera Vintage Glasses Are Back And Not Just For Stars!

Vintage eyewear is all the rage and sporting a pair of old time shades is probably the easiest way to retro-ize your look.  Celebrities, socialites, and trREAD MORE

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Madonna Voted Worst Dressed by PETA

They may have a different standard of fashion then most critics, but PETA and thousands of voters on singled out it’s list of whose clothing … READ MORE