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Juicy Couture Vs. Juicy Campus Smackdown

PANTIES IN A WAD Juicy Couture

It’s a proud day for terry-sweatsuit loving Long Island housewives. Juicy Couture, the purveyor of fuzzy, sherbert-colored hoodies and skintight lounge pants with “Juicy” emblazoned across the ass, is suing nasty campus gossip site for “trademark infringement.”

In addition to sullying the reputations of slutty freshman and trashing frat boys, Lime Blue, the parent company of Juicycampus, also sold promotional T-shirts and hoodies labeled “Juicycampus,” via their website, for $21.19 and $34.19, respectively. Juicycampus’s founder, Matt Ivester, said he thinks the suit is absurd:

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