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Hugh Jackman

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Hugh Jackman On Swine Flu: "There's A Lot More Important Thi...

X-Men Origins: Wolverine star Hugh Jackman appeared on Good Morning America Thursday, and talked about the complications promoting the film in areas suc… READ MORE

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Hugh Jackman is a stud. The guy can sing show tunes as much as he wants, as long as every few years he puts on those adamantium claws. Much has been made about Hug… READ MORE

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Hugh Jackman Not Afraid to Bare All

Guess if you’re used to playing a ripped action hero, modesty is bound to fall by the wayside. Wolverine star Hugh Jackman- who clearly has no reason to fee… READ MORE

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PHOTO GALLERY: Trainer Reveals Top 10 Celebrity Abs

Who has the best abs in Hollywood? We asked our trainer-to-the–stars Aimet Victoria –who does a pretty good job with Eva Longoria — whom she … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: FBI Says Wolverine-Type Leaks Put Claws In Economy

The online leak of the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine film is a microcosm of copyright violations that have impacted the country’s economy for t… READ MORE