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Humiliated Hillary Banned White House Visitors After Monicagate

Publicly, Hillary Clinton was the picture of unerring support as her husband Bill weathered the Monica Lewinsky scandal in 1999. But now, as she prepares f… READ MORE

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Hillary Clinton Ordered White House Staffers To Avoid Her

Hillary Clinton was so upset during the Monica Lewinsky scandal of 1998, she threatened White House underlings with firing if she was seen by anyone there.… READ MORE

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Hillary Clinton Fears Bill's Brother Will Derail Her Presidential Run

After years of speculation, Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her presidential run any day now. And according to a report in The National ENQUIRER, s… READ MORE

Bill Clinton's Brother Roger Alarms Hillary

With her presidential bid in mind, Hillary Clinton has put Bill on alert to keep a close eye on his wayward brother Roger after he prevailed in an embarrassin… READ MORE

Number of Emails Bill Clinton Has Sent: 2

Has Bill Clinton managed to get himself entangled in the Hillary Clinton email fracas by not sending any emails?… READ MORE

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Jeffrey Epstein Sent Bill Clinton $3.5 Million From Secret Account

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sent $3.5 million to Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s foundation after an underage sex slave probe began, accord… READ MORE

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Epstein 'Slave' Virginia Roberts Could Expose More A-List Pedophiles

Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Alan Dershowitz are just some of the powerful men whose names have been dragged through the mud in the ongoing Jeffrey EpstREAD MORE

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Hillary Clinton’s Reconsiders Presidential Bid As Sex Scandal Unfolds...

Hillary Clinton is considering scrapping her 2016 presidential ambitions because of revelations she fears could become public in the coming months conc… READ MORE

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Jeffrey Epstein 'Sex Slave’ Accuses FBI Of Protecting The Pedophile

More than 12 years after “sex slave” Virginia Roberts escaped her alleged captor, Jeffrey Epstein, the young woman believes that justice has yet to … READ MORE

The Prince & The Pedophile! The Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal

It’s the biggest scandal to have hit the British Royal family in decades. Buckingham Palace has been rocked Prince Andrew‘s connection to convicte… READ MORE

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Epstein ‘Sex Slave’ Says She Fears For Her Life After Explosive Claims...

Nearly twenty years after Virginia Roberts worked as a teen sex slave for Jeffrey Epstein, she’s finally come forward to reveal the full extent of what she s… READ MORE

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Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Scrambling To Seal Plea Deal

Years of rumors about the explosive nature of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plea deal could finally be put to rest, as attorneys for the plainti… READ MORE

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Bill Clinton’s Trip To Orgy Island — With '2 Young Girls' — Exposed...

With each day, mounting allegations from former “sex slave” Virginia Roberts threaten to tear apart the lives of the world’s most powerful men. In the late… READ MORE

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Teen 'Sex Slave' Says Epstein Plotted To ‘Blackmail’ A-List Pals

Jeffery Epstein‘s extensive network of underage “sex slaves” was not just for his own gratification, according to former consort ViREAD MORE

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Epstein 'Sex Slave' Wants ‘Charges’ Against Prince Andrew — & Clinton?...

An explosive new development in the ongoing royal sex scandal could torpedo Hillary Clinton’s White House run once and for all: has obtai… READ MORE

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New Claim Prince Andrew Asked U.S. To Go Easy On Jeffrey Epstein

Britain’s Prince Andrew allegedly lobbied the U.S. government to go easy on an American billionaire the FBI was investigating for holding sex slaves he al… READ MORE

25 Moments That Shocked & Rocked This Year

It’s been quite a ride! This year offered up some of the most surprising and shocking scandals yet, and has a look back.… READ MORE

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Chelsea Clinton’s Felon Father-In-Law Allegedly Violated Plea Deal

With Hillary Clinton’s White House run on the horizon, has learned that the skeletons in her husband, Bill’s closet are the least of her wo… READ MORE

Other Women: The 9 Most Infamous Celebrity Mistresses Revealed!

From sports stars and Hollywood actors to politicians and chefs, some of the world’s most famous men have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.… READ MORE

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Monica Lewinsky Says ‘I Lost My Public Self’ At Forbes Under 30 Summit...

A tearful Monica Lewinsky participated in her first public speaking engagement in more than a decade, and certainly made waves at the Forbes Under 30 Summi… READ MORE