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Scientology Smackdowns! Stars Face Off Over Controversial Religion

Can’t they all just get along? Hollywood’s most famous Scientologists have been known to throw down over their beliefs — and the results aren… READ MORE

Flight Attendants Have Bone to Pick With Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador … and yet she also appears in ads for Etihad Airways, a United Arab Emirates-based company that has be… READ MORE

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I Ordered Nicole Kidman’s Phone To Be Tapped

Nicole Kidman’s phone was tapped on orders of Church of Scientology officials, ex-church member Marty Rathbun claimed on TODAY Friday regarding the ex-w… READ MORE

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Movie That Has Scientology Panicked—HBO Debuts ‘Going Clear’ Trailer...

HBO is creating major shock waves in the Scientology community, announcing that they will now debut the documentary Going Clear, which covers the controv… READ MORE

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Lawsuit Claimed Tom Cruise P.I. To 'Spy' On Nicole Kidman

With a new documentary revisiting the Tom CruiseNicole Kidman split, looks back at when Cruise, like a Mission Impossible agent… READ MORE

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Documentary Blames Scientology For Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman Split

Alex Gibney’s new documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief may be the most titillating film premiering at 2015’s Sunda… READ MORE

Nicole Kidman Talks About Her Missed Romance With Jimmy Fallon

Nicole Kidman recalled her first time meeting Jimmy Fallon for an awkward date: “So Rick, our mutual friend, says to me, ‘Oh, Jimmy wants to me… READ MORE

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Former Scientologist Claims Church Behind Tom & Nicole Split

More than 13 years after Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s split, rumors still swirl about the real reason for the breakup — and whether Scientology was a facto… READ MORE

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Isabella Cruise Calls Nicole Kidman A ‘Hot Mama’

Forgive and forget?

After Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise got divorced in 2001, it was rumored that the bond between mother and her adopted children — 22-year-… READ MORE

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Nicole Kidman: ‘I Wish I Was’ Pregnant‘

Nicole Kidman wishes she was pregnant.

The Eyes Wide Shut star expressed her desire to be expecting again during a new chat with Elle magazine when she noti… READ MORE

Baby Got Back! These Women Know How To ‘Back’ It Up On The Red Carpet...

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20 Stars Who Look Plastic Fantastic!

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15 Of The Best, Worst & Wackiest Fashions At The Country Music Awards

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Kidman: Urban's Support After Dad's Death Just 'Makes Me Cry'

Nicole Kidman praised her husband Keith Urban for being an “amazing” foundation for her over the past six weeks, as she’s been mournin… READ MORE

18 Sexy Celebs Who Were Not-So-Hot Back In The Day

Forget Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday:‘s going way back, and taking a look at celebs who didn’t necessarily look their b… READ MORE

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Nicole Kidman Relies On Husband Keith Urban & ‘Strong Faith’

Nicole Kidman has been very candid about her struggle following the sudden death of her father, Dr. Antony Kidman, but now she tells Maria Shriver of the TODREAD MORE