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Leah Remini Reveals The Last Straw In Making Her Quit The Church

Leah Remini has opened up about her struggle since breaking from the Church of Scientology in July 2013, and the exact moment she came to the life-changing d… READ MORE

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Jennifer Aniston's Scientology Fears

Jennifer Aniston is not a Scientologist, but according to a new report, she’s afraid of her secret link to the church going public. Her fiancé Justin READ MORE

Simon Pegg Says Tom Cruise Did Not Preach Scientology To Him thumbnail

Did Tom Cruise Preach Scientology To 'Mission Impossible' Cast?

Tom Cruise has no problem declaring his appreciation for the Church of Scientology, but does he ever cross the line when it comes to recruiting new members? … READ MORE

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Prince Charles Donates To Scientology

The Church of Scientology’s prisoner program – headed up by Tom Cruise‘s brother-in-law – claims that it has received donations from Prince READ MORE

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Former Scientologists File Lawsuit To Get Back Payments Made To Church...

More trouble for the Church of Scientology! On the heels of HBO’s explosive documentary, has learned that the beleaguered organization … READ MORE

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Paul Haggis Claims Scientologists Sent Fake Reporter To Interview Him

Ex-Scientologist Paul Haggis said that the church sent an impostor, pretending to be a reporter for Time magazine, to interview him.

The Oscar-winning di… READ MORE

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John Travolta's 'Saved Lives' -- Including His Own -- With Scientology...

John Travolta on Monday said he’s “saved lives” with Scientology — including his own “several times.”


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Tom ‘Funding’ Scientology, Claims Son Of P.I. Caught With Six Guns...

A newly released bombshell recording shows the extent of Tom Cruise’s influence over the Church of Scientology.

The New York Daily News has released a tape READ MORE

Scientology Smackdowns! Stars Face Off Over Controversial Religion

Can’t they all just get along? Hollywood’s most famous Scientologists have been known to throw down over their beliefs — and the results aren… READ MORE

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Tom Cruise Secretly Slammed John Travolta To Church Execs

As the Church of Scientology faces more scrutiny than ever before, a newly leaked video has aired shocking claims that there could be serious dissension wi… READ MORE

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Alex Gibney Wants Church Investigated, Tax-Exempt Status Stripped

Going Clear filmmaker Alex Gibney is urging officials to investigate the Church of Scientology, and strip away its tax exempt status.

Gibney wrote in an L.READ MORE

Tina Knowles Gets Married To Man With Secret Scientology Past  

Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles on Sunday married actor Richard Lawson, a man with a Scientologist past, and has images of the couple’s y… READ MORE

Tom Cruise & Mimi Rogers: Scientology Played A Role In Their Divorce thumbnail

Report: Scientology Leader Sabotaged Tom Cruise's First Marriage

As the fallout from the HBO documentary Going Clear continues to make headlines a new report claims that Scientology leader David Miscavige orchestrated … READ MORE

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'Going Clear' Director Teases Of Plenty More Footage He Could Put Out

Following the firestorm started by HBO’s Going Clear, filmmaker Alex Gibney teased that he “may go back in and do something at a later date… READ MORE

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Scientologists Banned From TV, Internet, In The Wake Of 'Going Clear'

HBO’s bombshell documentary Going Clear has sent the Church of Scientology scrambling for cover, according to a former member. One-time high-ran… READ MORE

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Police Claim David Miscavige Spied On His Father For $10K Per Week

Scientology frontman David Miscavige proved to be so concerned over his father’s whereabouts and behavior that he reportedly spent ample amounts … READ MORE

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Priscilla Presley's Affair With Scientology Lover Creates Big Scandal

She’s a treasured celebrity Scientologist, but Priscilla Presley could not keep her Church of Scientology lover from getting tossed into the orga… READ MORE

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Church Paid More Than $500K To Defend Controversial Rehabs

Keeping the embattled Church of Scientology running can be costly! has obtained tax records that exclusively reveal the organization h… READ MORE

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Mike Rinder Slams John Travolta For Refusing To See Scientology Film

Though he hasn’t seen – and doesn’t plan to see – HBO’s scientology documentary Going ClearJohn Travolta maintains that his church has be… READ MORE

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John Travolta Says Watching 'Going Clear' 'Would Be A Crime To Me'

John Travolta says he hasn’t viewed the controversial HBO documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief — and isn’t p… READ MORE