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VIDEO: Jay Leno – “I Leave NBC Prime Time The Same Way I F...

Jay Leno didn’t just ruffle the feathers on the NBC peacock Monday — he yanked them out one-by-one, delivering a venomous monologue aimed at t… READ MORE

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Conan O’Brien Refuses To Take Part in “Destruction” ...

Conan O’Brien recently released a very candid, open letter addressed to the “People of the Earth” regarding his ongoing talks with NBC and the turmoil over … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien: “You Never Know What’s Going T...

Conan O’Brien isn’t sure just yet.

Photographers asked the funnyman — who might leave NBC in wake of the network’s pending late night s… READ MORE

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Cocktail Cuties: NBC Universal Winter Press Tour Cocktail Party

NBC’s hottest stars got dressed in their best cocktail couture for The NBC Universal Winter Press Tour cocktail party, which was held at the Langham Huntin… READ MORE

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Conan O’Brien “Would Be Happier Somewhere Else”

It’s no joke — funnyman Conan O’Brien could leave NBC in wake of the Peacock Network’s colossal disaster involving The Jay Leno Show.

A source told th… READ MORE

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Jay Leno Show Canceled, It’s Official

NBC has made official what everybody who hasn’t been living under a rock has known for days.  The plug has been pulled on The Jay Leno Show.  The sign of… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Jay Leno Cracks Jokes At His Own Expense

No doubt Jay Leno ruffled the feathers on the NBC peacock, joking early and often about his fate during Thursday’s monologue, following a day of rumo… READ MORE

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Is The Jay Leno Show Canceled? NBC To Break Silence

Is The Jay Leno Show canceled?

An NBC spokesperson tells that the peacock network will release a statement Thursday about the future of th… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: NBC Standing By Jay Leno; Says Show Not Canceled

Amid rampant speculation that NBC had canceled the ratings-challenged The Jay Leno Show, NBC has released a statement to in which the pea… READ MORE

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Multimedia “Chuck” Nerd Herd Begins This Week!

Chuck fans craving their fill of the secret agent series will have plenty of new stuff to enjoy on the Web, iPhones and TV. is featuring seven episo… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Danny Cahill Is The Biggest Loser

Danny Cahill was crowned The Biggest Loser Tuesday night, as the formerly-450-pound man shed more than half of his body weight — 239 pounds — d… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brokaw Involved In Fatal Accident

Former NBC Nightly News anchorman Tom Brokaw was involved in a fatal three-car accident in New York, has just learned.


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Tiger Woods Will Be Tournament No Show

Tiger Woods has pulled out of his scheduled appearance at this week’s Chevron World Challenge, citing car crash injuries as his reason.

Read All The DetailREAD MORE

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VIDEO: Susan Boyle Says Rise To Fame “Surreal”

Susan Boyle said her nine-month rise from unknown Scottish spinster into a world famous singer “feels very surreal” in an interview on Monda… READ MORE

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Susan Boyle To Bite Into The Big Apple On NBC Monday

Susan Boyle has plenty to be thankful about in 2009: becoming world-famous, nearly winning Britain’s Got Talent and getting a record contract; so i… READ MORE

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VIDEO: NY News Anchor Admits She Boozed It Up Before Newscasts

Sue Simmons, a prominent news anchor at the local station WNBC-TV in New York, said she used to go on the air after having a few drinks.

Simmons told LX New York … READ MORE

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Ricky Gervais Named Next Golden Globes Host

Ricky Gervais is hitting America again in a big way: he has been named the host for the 67th Annual Golden Globes.

Ricky Shines At Emmy Awards

The ceremony has … READ MORE

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Jay Leno: Other Networks Are Boycotting Me

Are ABC and CBS out to get Jay Leno? The NBC comedian says that rival networks – who are worried that he’s stealing viewers from their costly dramas … READ MORE

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Mercy, Mercy Us: Sexy Hospital-Based Drama Debuts On NBC Wednesday

We’re well into fall premiere season, and it looks like NBC has been saving the best for last: Mercy, a medical drama sure to be the sexiest, scintilla… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kanye West In Tears, Tells Jay Leno ‘I Am Ashamed’

Dressed in all black, a teary eyed Kanye West spoke to Jay Leno for the debut of the comedian’s primetime show on NBC.  Leno opened the second half of hi… READ MORE