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ESPN’s Erin Andrews ‘Peeping Tom’ Sentenced To 30 Mo...

ESPN beauty Erin Andrews’ peeping Tom was sentenced in a Los Angeles court on Monday to 30 months in jail. As previously reported, Michael READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Doctor Told Corey Haim His Heart & Liv...

Corey Haim was told by a doctor that he had to stop abusing drugs because his heart and liver simply couldn’t take much more, is reporting ex… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Let Trial Interfere With TV Sho...

Charlie Sheen is making sure his trial on domestic violence charges doesn’t interfere with the taping of his TV show. was in the Asp… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen Pleads Not Guilty

Charlie Sheen pleaded not guilty in an Aspen, Colorado, courtroom on Monday. was there as the Two and a Half Men star was arraigned on charg… READ MORE

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Former Protege Telling Michael Jackson’s Kids &...

Michael Jackson’s former protégé, Omar Bhatti, has been living with the Jackson family and telling Michael’s three children that he’s their father, RadaREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Baseball’s Adderall Scandal – Jason Kendall’s D... has exclusively obtained drug tests from major league baseball player Jason Kendall’s contentious divorce and the tests offer a signif… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 50 Cent Security Brawls With Journalists, Police Call...

A member of 50 Cent‘s security team was arrested for attacking several members of the press that were gathered outside his Cophenhagen hotel, RadarREAD MORE

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Corey Haim Linked To Illegal Prescription Drug Ring

An illegal prescription drug ring has been linked to the death of actor Corey Haim and is now under investigation by California State Attorney General JerrREAD MORE

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NEW DOCUMENTS: Tiger Woods’ Wife Was Suspected of Domestic Viole...

The Florida Highway Patrol released documents on Friday with detailed notes from the investigation into his post-Thanksgiving early morning crash into … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Sheen Defense Will Discredit Cop To Beat Domestic Violence ...

Charlie Sheen will fight for his freedom beginning Monday when he faces three domestic violence charges stemming from an incident with Brooke Mueller and … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen’s Defense: It Never Happened

With a plea bargain increasingly looking unlikely, has learned exclusively that Charlie Sheen’s defense in the domestic violence case … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Wife Was Talked Out Of Divorce By Her Sister

As Tiger Woods slowly repairs his shattered marriage, has learned exclusively that his wife Elin was talked out of filing divorce papers … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Corey Haim’s Mother: He Was Helping Me As I...

Corey Haim’s mother told in an exclusive interview Wednesday that her son was living with her and helping her as she battles cancer.


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Trump Sued For $10 Million Over Never-Built Condos

A group of seven individuals filed suit against Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and others for fraud, negligence, accounting and other count… READ MORE

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Montel Williams Pleads Poverty At Child Custody Court Hearing

Despite starring in his own TV chat show for 17 seasons, hosting a radio show, writing a best-selling memoir and being a TV infomercial pitchman, Montel WilREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Brawl Lawsuit: Sammi Started it!

The couple suing MTV and Jersey Shore’s Ronnie says it was Sammi who instigated the brawl that is the center of the lawsuit.


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Man Charged With Stalking Dr. Drew Arraigned, Restraining Order Grante...

The man charged with stalking Dr. Drew Pinsky was arraigned on Friday. Prosecutors sought and were granted a restraining order keeping Charles Pearson aw… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Prosecutors Won’t Accept Charlie Sheen’s Plea D...

The Colorado prosecutor heading Charlie Sheen’s domestic violence case won’t accept a plea deal from the Two and a Half Men star, has lear… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Drew Pinsky Seeking Restraining Order Against Alleged S...

Charles Pearson, the man accused of stalking Celebrity Rehab host Dr. Drew Pinsky and his family, is due in court Friday in Pasadena to be arraigned.


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EXCLUSIVE: Small Claim Lawsuit Against Dr. Drew Dismissed

Charles Pearson, the man arrested Wednesday night on a felony stalking charge for allegedly threatening to murder Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s family, had hi… READ MORE