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Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis Pleads Guilty To Tax Charges; Pays...

Joe Francis has made millions getting drunk young ladies to remove their tops; now, he’s the one losing his shirt.

The Girls Gone Wild entrepreneur p… READ MORE

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Dustin Diamond Implies Pot Smoking, Sex & Steroids On Saved By Th...

Dustin Diamond, who played the dorky Screech on the sitcom Saved By the Bell, said that the cast of the G-rated teen program engaged in some R-rated sex and dr… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Pee-Wee Herman Returns On The Jay Leno Show

Pee-Wee Herman is back.

Herman (Paul Reubens) appeared in character on The Jay Leno Show Tuesday night to hype up his upcoming stage show at Hollywood̵… READ MORE

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Amy Winehouse Rants At School Bully

The children at North London’s Southgate school in Barnet Monday got a celebrity visitor: an infuriated Amy Winehouse, who was on the warpath, head… READ MORE

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Chris Brown Compares Tattoos With Starstruck Cops

Chris Brown saw the long arm of the law Thursday — and its all inked up, just like his.

FIRST PHOTOS: Chris Brown Starts Community Service

The Forever s… READ MORE

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Chris Brown Shows Off Ab-Fab Body While Picking Up Trash

Chris Brown showed off his eight-pack Friday, via a pair of pictures he posted to his Twitter account.

The pics show a shirtless Brown on his trash pickup shi… READ MORE

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NEW PHOTOS: Police Continue To Dig Up Jaycee Dugard Crime Scene

Police collected a bone fragment from the home of Jaycee Dugard‘s accused kidnappers Phil and Nancy Garrido on Wednesday and has e… READ MORE

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Chris Brown Hoping To Stop The Violence Through T-Shirt Campaign

Give Chris Brown some credit: He’s not gonna let his career go down without a fight.

See his t-shirt campaign against violence

After Wednesday̵… READ MORE

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Chris Brown’s Twitter Temper Tantrum

On Tuesday, Chris Brown posted a series of messages seemingly pining away for a reunion with ex Rihanna but seemed to have a public change of heart about the p… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Friend – “Maybe A Psychopath” Killed Medical ...

A friend of Annie Le, the 24-year-old Yale University graduate student/ bride-to-be — whose body police believe they recovered on Sunday, the same … READ MORE

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Tila Tequila Bares Bruises After Alleged Attack By Boyfriend Shawn Mer...

Tila Tequila looked solemn — baring an arm full of bruises — as paps snapped the reality TV diva departing a hotel in Beverly Hills, California … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Phillip Garrido’s Secret Songs Mirror Real-Life Horrors

Phillip Garrido has been accused of wearing many hats lately: rapist, pedophile, kidnapper. Here’s one you probably didn’t know: songwrit… READ MORE

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Expert: Bone Found Near Phillip Garrido’s Home Appears Human

A forensic expert Wednesday said a bone fragment found in an Antioch, California backyard adjacent to the house of Phillip Garrido — the convicted r… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Sister of Ryan Jenkins Claims He Was Innocent

Alena Jenkins, the sister of deceased reality star and suspected murderer Ryan Jenkins, said she thinks her brother was innocent of gruesome charges brou… READ MORE

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It’s A Dirty Job — But Chris Brown’s Gotta Do It

Washing cars and picking up trash are amongst the activities convicted felon Chris Brown will be subject to in his home state of Virginia, as part of his sent… READ MORE

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Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin Masterminded Baby Cover-Up Scheme

Sarah Palin, in gearing up for the publicity and limelight as Sen. John McCain‘s running mate, wanted to cover up daughter Bristol’s pregnan… READ MORE

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Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Kids “Starved Of Information”: Never W...

Starlite and Angel, the two daughters Jaycee Lee Dugard had with her accused kidnapper, Phillip Garrido, were “starved of information,” ha… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Detectives To Interview Joe Francis About Nightclub Fight

Joe Francis will be getting a call from investigators regarding the incident involving Playboy playmate of the year Jayde Nicole outside West Hollywood n… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Rape Victim Recounts Horror At Hands Of Accused Kidnapper/Pedop...

Katherine Callaway Hall, a Las Vegas woman kidnapped and raped by Phillip Garrido in 1976, talked about her kidnapping and rape by the man who allegedly did … READ MORE

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Jayde Nicole: I Was “The Victim Of A Violent Assault” At J...

Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole said Monday she “was the victim of a violent assault when she was attacked from behind, thrown down to the gr… READ MORE