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VIDEO: John Edwards’ Mistress At Grand Jury Investigation Of Pol...

She’s not quite Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, but Rielle Hunter, the former lover of John Edwards, keeps popping up in the handsome politician&#… READ MORE

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Elizabeth Edwards Tells Oprah About "The Other Woman"

Elizabeth Edwards, the cancer-stricken wife wife of ex-presidential candidate John Edwards, told Oprah Winfrey that her marriage is on a “day-by… READ MORE

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Elizabeth Edwards' Book: John's Cheating Made Me Puke

Elizabeth Edwards reveals in her new book that when husband John Edwards confessed he cheated on her she ran to the bathroom and threw up.

But don’t th… READ MORE

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Shocking Report: John Edwards Investigated by Grand Jury for Mistress ...

Former presidential candidate John Edwards is being investigated by a federal grand jury, probing if he misused campaign funds to pay his mistress, the Na… READ MORE

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New Photo: John Edwards’ Love Child?

A little girl celebrates her first birthday… but everyone wants to know if the child is in fact, the love child of former Senator and Presidential can… READ MORE