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Miley Cyrus And Sophie

The Hannah Montana star got this adorable Maltese Maltepoo Maltepoo poo poo for her 16th birthday day! She was also recently horored for being nice to Holly… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Disgraced Michael Vick On Joining Philadelphia Eagles: “I Won’t...

Michael Vick wasn’t scrambling when facing a bank of reporters Friday, after inking a two-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles following a t… READ MORE

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Nia Long Is PETA’S Newest Naked Model

Nia Long would rather go naked than wear fur.  The Third Watch and Big Shots star posed in all her glory – except for a strategically-placed newspaper … READ MORE

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Kitty-Whacking Video Making The Rounds

The latest YouTube viral video is leaving viewers unsure whether to call PETA or grab a mallet.

The comedic sketch, called “Whack A Kitty,” de… READ MORE

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Prego Peta Protesters: Nearly Naked On All Fours

Two practically bursting PETA members took part in ‘Naked pregnant women vs. Jamie Oliver’ in a Mother’s Day Pig-Crate PETA protest i… READ MORE

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Madonna Voted Worst Dressed by PETA

They may have a different standard of fashion then most critics, but PETA and thousands of voters on singled out it’s list of whose clothing … READ MORE