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Drew Barrymore

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Style Radar: Celeb Streetwear Smart?

Celebs hit the streets on Wednesday, performing their daily duties. While Britney Spears pushed her own cart around Target baring a whole lot of midriff, LREAD MORE

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Style Radar: Whip It’s Derby Dolls

What was black and white and red all over?  The cast of Drew Barrymore‘s Whip It, at the Los Angeles Premiere of the starlets directorial debut!


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Red Carpet Regrets: Emmy’s Worst Dressed Stars

As every Award nominee knows well–you can’t win ‘em all! This includes attempts at Red Carpet success.

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Caught In The Act: Drew Barrymore Whips Up A Fashion Faux-Pas!

Drew Barrymore has skated into fashion-nightmare-land. The director and star of Whip It, a film that gives a shout out to roller-derby culture, showed up a… READ MORE

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Drew Barrymore Gets Her Skates On

If you’re a Drew Barrymore fan and in the Detroit area September 11, there’s only one place to be – but only if you can roller skate!

Drew produced, directed an… READ MORE

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LAST LOOKS: Drew Barrymore’s Wild Summer Shades

While we don’t whole-heartedly approve of all of her fashion of late (you saw the tartan burka and nurse scrubs), Drew Barrymore still manages to enc… READ MORE

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Drew Barrymore Opens Up About On-And-Off Again Boyfriend Justin Long

Drew Barrymore has morphed herself into more than an actress. A successful producer and now also a director, she recently added photographer to thelist an… READ MORE

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California Fires Threaten Home Used in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Phone Home? Try phoning the fire department!

The house made famous in E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is in danger of being engulfed in the deadly California fir… READ MORE

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HOT PICS: Pumas Vs. Cougars!

Hollywood is a veritable jungle of able-bodied young men, ripe for the taking by older A-list felines.

Click here for a sexy showdown of Pumas vs. Cougars!


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Natalie Portman Heads Back to High School

A Harvard University graduate, Natalie Portman knows a thing or two about being one of the smartest girls around. Now, the actress is taking her experience… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Drew Confronted Justin About His Alleged Cheating

As a successful actress, producer, and businesswoman, Drew Barrymore is not one to beat around the bush. While she and on-and-off again boyfriend Justin LREAD MORE

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Experts Pick… Sexiest Actresses Who Have Posed Nude

For any actress, the question of going nude is a career constant.

Click here for the top twelve actresses who have appeared nude.

Be it frontal on the big scre… READ MORE

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Kate & A-Rod Party In Miami

While he may be riding the bench for “exhaustion,” Alex Rodriguez is showing
no signs of slowing with new flame actress Kate Hudson.

The pair wREAD MORE

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Only On Radar: Drew & Justin’s Disney Date

Further fueling their on-and-off romance, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long spent a rambunctious and romantic day at Disneyland on Tuesday.

RadarOnline.cREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Stars Rally Against Prop 8 Ruling

A host of stars — including Drew Barrymore, Emmy Rossum, Sophia Bush, Eliza Dushku and Kelly Osbourne — joined thousands of people marching i… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Drew Barrymore – “I Don’t Want ...

A passionate Drew Barrymore was among the celebrities joining thousands of people marching in West Hollywood Tuesday night in protest of the California S… READ MORE

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Hayden’s Star-Packed Hiatus Still Going Strong

In addition to jetlag, Hayden Panettiere should beware chaffing during her visit to the South of France–the starlet is rubbing elbows with so many s… READ MORE

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Drew Barrymore And Justin Long Like A Pair Of Seventh Graders

Drew Barrymore apparently knows how to leave a mark on her man. Either that, or she’s a big fan of Twilight.

The Never Been Kissed star was spotted havi… READ MORE

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TV: Sunday Hot List


FOX steals the show with a slew of celebrity voice cameos, and story lines that pay homage to some of our fav shows! On the Simpsons’ episode called … READ MORE

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Drew & Justin Hit The Town Together

If there was any doubt left about the status of Drew Barrymore and Justin Long‘s relationship, those doubts were erased last night. Yes, showbiz fan… READ MORE