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Barrymore Says Pressures For Slim Post-Baby Bodies Are 'Ridiculous'

Drew Barrymore tells RadarOnline.com it’s “crazy” for new mom actresses to try meet “ridiculous” show biz pressures t… READ MORE

Drew Barrymore's Thoughts On Baby Weight

Drew Barrymore is drenched in sweat as she makes her way back to her car after having a great gym session on Saturday morning in Studio City, Calif.… READ MORE

Drew Barrymore: My Hair Is Like 'My Personal Plant'

She always seems to have a sunny disposition and Drew Barrymore enjoyed a light-hearted chat with Glamour magazine’s April 2015 edition.… READ MORE

Drew Barrymore In Glamour April 2015

She always seems to have a sunny disposition and Drew Barrymore enjoyed a light-hearted chat with the Glamour magazine’s April 2015 edition.… READ MORE

Cameron Diaz And Drew Barrymore Have Girl’s Night Out

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore had a girls night out on Thursday.… READ MORE

Drew Barrymore: I Didn’t Really Have Parents

At 39 years old, it’s safe to say Drew Barrymore has been through a lot. Though her famously turbulent childhood included rehab at the age of 14 and get… READ MORE

Drew Barrymore Says She 'Didn't Really Have Parents'

Drew Barrymore talks about her troubled childhood in an interview with More Magazine. The former child actress, says in the February issue, “I didn… READ MORE

15 Celebrity Moms Who Didn’t Rush To Bounce Back After Baby

Some celebrity moms have an insane ability (or the financial resources) to ping back into shape almost immediately after giving birth. But not everyone is … READ MORE

Drew Barrymore And Bella Thorne Attend Refinery29 Holiday Party

Check out Drew BarrymoreBella Thorne and more when they attended the Refinery29 holiday party.… READ MORE

Kisses, Flings, & Full-On Affairs!

Bisexuality may be becoming more acceptable in Hollywood. But while Amber Heard, Anna Paquin and Evan Rachel Wood happily wear that label there are a few ot… READ MORE

The Rude Brood! A Look At 15 Nude Celeb Hijinks, From Marilyn To Kim

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Drew Barrymore Skipped Her Tragic Sister Jessica’s Funeral

The National ENQUIRER has learned that Drew Barrymore, 39, did not attend her half-sister’s funeral.

“Drew hasn’t gotten in touch with us at all since Jess… READ MORE

Celebrity Couples Who Managed To Get Married In Secret

You’ve got to hand it to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. How many other mega-watt celebrities can get married in a ceremony with all the trimmings, in front of t… READ MORE

Celebrities Who Have Publicly Spat With Their Parents

As Kendra Wilkinson’s feud with her mom Patti erupts again, RadarOnline.com takes a look at other celebrities who have been estranged from their parents. … READ MORE

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Drew Barrymore’s Sister Died Of Drug Mix, Toxicology Report Shows

After Drew Barrymore’s half-sister tragically passed away earlier this summer, RadarOnline.com can confirm that Jessica Barrymore died from an accideREAD MORE

Before They Hit It Big: 20 Celebs In Their Breakout Roles

From Leo to Drew, check out this collection of A-listers to be as they got their feet wet in the wacky world of show business.… READ MORE

A Look At Hollywood Love Triangles, & Crazy Dating Pasts

They say Hollywood’s a small town, but when you look at who’s dated who, it proves especially true. A surprising number of celebrities – and high-profile on… READ MORE

22 Actresses Who Made Themselves Ugly For Movie Roles

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These Celebs Were Given A Bad Set Of Chompers

Growing up with naturally perfect teeth is pretty rare, so it’s understandable that these celebs should have had to experience the pain that is crooked, ye… READ MORE

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Drew Had Been ‘Avoiding’ Sister Jessica Before Her Tragic Death

Drew Barrymore wasn’t exactly a superstar sister.

The rich, famous star’s half-sibling Jessica died without her support, the women’s half-brother, JohREAD MORE