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Drew Peterson Calls Rob Lowe’s Portrayal Of Him In TV Movie R...

By Radar Staff

Accused wife murderer Drew Peterson watched an advance copy of the TV movie about his life and, according to his lawyer, had one response to Ro… READ MORE

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Rob Lowe Creates Twitter Storm By Announcing ‘Peyton Manning Wil...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Brat Pack founder, sex tape star, TV actor, and now NFL pundit – who knew Rob Lowe was so multi-talented?


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William & Kate Arrive At Santa Barbara Polo Club

By Radar Staff

Their helicopter set down at 12:03 pm at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, and the excitement level among the crowd went off the chart… READ MORE

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Rob Lowe Reveals His Road To Rehab In Tell-All Book

By Debbie Emery
Radar Staff Reporter

On the outside, it appears that Rob Lowe has had a blessed life; Now, the Brat Pack hunk is finally opening up about the de… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Rob Lowe: ‘I Flew On A Dry Run With The 9/11 Hijackers...

by Radar Staff

Actor Rob Lowe has even more reasons to be relieved that Osama bin Laden is dead as he revealed he was on a plane with some of the 9 /11 masterminds … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Rob Lowe To Oprah: Sex Tape Was ‘Greatest Thing To Ever Happen ...

By Alexis Tereszcuk
Radar Staff Reporter

Being a pioneer is one thing, but leading the sex tape revolution? Wow.

Rob Lowe, 47, is promoting his new autobiog… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Piven Being Considered As Charlie Sheen Replacement

Seems that Jeremy Piven could soon be cutting back his Entourage to just Two And A Half Men.

Piven’s is the latest name to be brought up as a possible replaceme… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Jerry O’Connell: Charlie Sheen Situation ‘Not So Fu...

Before Charlie Sheen was fired from playing the role of Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men, actor Jerry O’Connell spoofed Sheen’s quirky say… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Charlie Sheen On ‘Handsome Bastard’ Rob L...

Charlie Sheen is weighing in on his replacement for Two and a Half Men and said he approves of fan favorite and fellow actor Rob Lowe.

“Rob’s an o… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Two & A Half Men’ Crew Turns Against Shee...

Charlie Sheen has angered the production staff and crew of Two and a Half Men with his recent vitriolic attack on co-star Jon Cryer, has lea… READ MORE

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Drew Barrymore Buys Montecito Mansion

Drew Barrymore is moving on up.  The actress/producer/director just plunked down $6.9 million for an estate near Santa Barbara, has con… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Porn Star Sasha Grey Swaps Sex For Spinning Discs

The porn star who appeared naked and hairy on Entourage is turning her back on the XXX biz for a life on the silver screen – and in the DJ booth.


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Firework Fashion: Stars Get Patriotic In Red, White And Blue

Happy 4th of July weekend! What better way to get into the patriotic spirit, then to take a look back our favorite red, white and blue celeb fashions over the y… READ MORE

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Costars & Friends Reflect on Patrick Swayze

Hollywood is in mourning today, after many an actor’s friend and colleague Patrick Swayze lost a long battle with cancer on Monday.

Click here to reaREAD MORE

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VIDEO: Joel Madden Was A Secret Jock

At Saturday’s 51st Annual Hollywood Stars Game, hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers, caught up with some of the hottest men of the big … READ MORE

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Top 10 TV Studs

Top 10 TV Studs

We miss some of our hiatus hotties, so put together a little gallery of our favorite men on TV to get us through those L-O-N-G summer months!


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Melissa Gilbert Opens Up About Miscarrying Rob Lowe's Baby

Melissa Gilbert, who gained fame as the chaste farmer’s daughter, Laura Ingalls, on Little House On The Prairie, opened up to the Today Show about miscarry… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: Rob Lowe Ends Second Nanny Battle

A day after the dueling lawsuits between Rob Lowe and former nanny Jessica Gibson were dismissed, a second round of lawsuits between the actor and another n… READ MORE

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Rob Lowe Settles One Nanny Battle, One More To Go

Rob Lowe has put one of his nanny headaches down for a permanent nap.

The actor and his former babysitter Jessica Gibson have both dropped suits filed agains… READ MORE

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Kathy Ireland Evacuates Home Due to Fires

As the fires in Santa Barbara continue to rage and spread, more and more residents are fleeing the well-to-do enclave. Supermodel Kathy Ireland is the late… READ MORE