ON YOUR RADAR: The Nicest & Naughtiest Stars Of 2010!

While we hope all celebrities have a happy holiday season, a look back at 2010 places some stars on RadarOnline.com’s Nice List for Good Behavior and others on the Naughty List.

It’s been an eventful year, filled with breakups, shocking rants caught on audio (yes, you know who), drug-fueled rages and, happily, charitable and selfless stars who have devoted much time and effort to helping others.

So in the interest of preserving history and really just providing a fun look back at they year, RadarOnline.com has put together this definitive list of whose been naughty and whose been nice during the past 12 months, for a few honorable or dishonorable mentions thrown in. Feel free to leave your comments below with your own list.






#10 – David Arquette

Courteney Cox’s husband made a new Friend in 2010 and it turned out to be a scandalous move. Surprising everyone, Cox and Arquette announced they were separated and proving that discretion is not one of his attributes, David went on Howard Stern’s satellite radio program and revealed he slept with wannabe actress Jasmine Waltz while “on a break” from Courteney. (Hello, Rachel and Ross?) Everyone knows it’s not nice to kiss and tell but it’s even worse when the Other Woman publicly gives you a ho-hum rating, which Waltz did!


Arquette Finds Female Company After Splitting From Cox


#9 – John Mayer

Maybe he should just stick to singing. John Mayer certainly made a case for that sentiment when he managed to offend a large portion of the population with a ridiculously juvenile Playboy interview early in the year. After calling Jessica Simpson “sexual napalm” the singer casually tossed around the ‘N’ word and launched into a bizarre monologue, calling his, um, male member a “white supremacist” as some sort of excuse for not dating black women.


John Mayer’s Funny Video Spoofs Justin Bieber

Jessica Simpson Reveals Her Anger Over Mayer’s Interview

Mayer Insults Himself For Dumping Aniston


#8 – Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen went from adorable child actor in Shake ‘N Bake commercials to an innocent up-and-comer in Gossip Girl to our Naughty list thanks to her antics as  the singer of the band Pretty Reckless whose adult sound and style have raised eyebrows over the past year. The 17-year-old ripped open her shirt during one performance and now we know why the band is called Pretty Reckless.


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#7 – Kanye West

A talented artist whose new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has received universal praise, Kanye can’t seem to hit the right notes off the stage. After stealing the mic from Taylor Swift at the MTV awards in 2009, Kanye made things worse by blaming her a year later while saying, “Taylor never came to my defense in any interview.” West had a contentious and bizarre interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show and then canceled a scheduled performance for the show. The ultimate verdict on his antics was rendered by the public when they booed him as he rode on a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Kanye Apologizes Via Song

Nude Photos Of Kanye For Sale


#6 – Tony Parker

Tony Parker’s numerous infidelities caused wife Eva Longoria to file for divorce in November. The NBA San Antonio Spurs’ star moved into the Big Leagues of Bad Behavior when Eva revealed he was exchanging inappropriate texts with the wife of former teammate Brent Barry. Though Erin Barry denies an affair with Parker, Brent filed for divorce in late October.


How Eva Longoria Busted Tony Parker

Tony Parker Breaks His Silence On Divorce From Eva Longoria


#5 – Randy & Evi Quaid

We’re not sure if they’re naughty or just downright nutty, but either way the Quaids belong on this list simply for pure entertainment value. They spent the year dodging and eventually facing court actions over charges they skipped on a hotel bill and also burglary and that gave the dynamic duo a forum to espouse some pretty out-there views, including that Hollywood’s top actors were being murdered by “Star Whackers.”


Quaids Says RadarOnline.com Is Owned By the Police!

Quaids April, 2010 Mug Shots


#4 – Lindsay Lohan

Arrrest warrants issued.  Missed court dates. Jail time.  A failed drug test. Fake alibis and bad excuses. Lindsay could have landed on the Naughty list for any ONE of those reasons, but she guaranteed her selection here with a year filled with bad behavior. After missing a mandatory court date, the actress was sent to jail and later forced to wear a SCRAM bracelet. When the bracelet went off, Lindsay swore it malfunctioned. She also claimed a dirty drug test was inaccurate. The Mean Girls star finally fessed up and finished the year in the Betty Ford Center, courtesy of a judge’s order. Of course, even in BFC, controversy followed as a now-fired worker claims Lindsay attacked her.


#3 – Charlie Sheen

When it comes to headline-making bad behavior, Charlie Sheen is a perennial stalwart. The Two and a Half Men star had a memorable 2010, first bargaining his way out of felony charges (to a single misdemeanor) from his domestic violence arrest, and then capping things off with a very strange night in a New York hotel with porn star Capri Anderson. That night led to Anderson filing a police complaint against Sheen, who was taken to a hospital and later filed a lawsuit against his one-night companion.


Sheen Shouted N Word During Hotel Rampage

Sheen Tells Radar, Story ‘Overblown & Overplayed’


#2 – Jesse James

Jesse broke both Sandra Bullock’s and America’s heart when his many infidelities hit the news shortly after Bullock sang his praises at the Oscars. His affair with heavily tattooed stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee made many question his sanity and led to a quick divorce. Not even a tear-filled interview on Nightline could generate public sympathy for the biker mogul. He has since moved his family to Austin to be nearer to her and her son Louis, whose adoption James and Bullock begun together.


Jesse James On Why He Cheated On Sandra

Sandra and Jesse Through Years


#1 – Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson’s caught-on-audio meltdown catapults him to the top of the year’s naughty list, as the Oscar winner inadvertently stars in an instant classic. The Mel tapes, published exclusively by RadarOnline.com, feature the actor coming unhinged for nearly 30 minutes of ranting, raving, screaming, bizarre heavy breathing plus racist and misogynist comments. It all happened during his breakup with Oksana Grigorieva and while romances come and go, some things, like audio, last forever.

Mel’s Infamous Audio Tapes — Listen To Them All

MEL AUDIO TAPE #1:  Mel’s Racist Rant

MEL AUDIO TAPE #2: Mel Gibson Admits Hitting Oksana, Threatens To Kill Her

MEL AUDIO TAPE #3: Another Mel Gibson Slur Caught On Tape In Crazed Rage

MEL AUDIO TAPE #4: Out Of Control Mel Gibson Says He’ll Burn Down House After Demanding Sex

MEL AUDIO TAPE #5: Mel Gibson Completely Loses It: ‘B*tch, C*nt, Wh*re, Gold Digger!’

MEL AUDIO TAPE #6: The Tape That Could Destroy Mel: “No One Will Believe You”, He Says After She Charges: “You Hit The Baby”

MEL AUDIO TAPE #7: Mel Gibson’s Twisted Rant Includes Jealous Rage Over Timothy Dalton


Kate Gosselin

She amused us greatly with her I’m-a-paparazzo-monster number on Dancing With the Stars but don’t you get the feeling that the old unlikable Kate is gaining supremacy  over the toned-down Kate? Her insistence on going on national TV to say two of her children weren’t expelled from school seems to be a big mistake—especially after RadarOnline.com produced evidence that they were. And many, many people are now questioning the wisdom of keeping those kids on TV as the children exhibit behavioral problems. We’re not even getting into how she whined her way through an outdoor outing in Alaska with Sarah Palin!


Sarah Palin

She brutally clubbed a fish to death on her TLC show and sure, it was the right way to deal with the fish, say experts, but it made for Barf TV. She shot Bambi. (Ok, it might not have been Bambi.) No matter what your political affiliation, Palin gets a vote for negative behavior.



We love Jersey Shore’s pint-sized catalyst for fun and controversy but her falling-down-drunk antics on the beach land her on this list.





#10 – Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has handled the intense media scrutiny of her nearly decade-long courtship with grace, even good-naturedly joking about their lengthy relationship in her post-engagement television interview alongside Prince William. She also put the British public at ease with her promise to mind her royal duties and work hard to live up to the privilege and responsibility of being a royal. Her first act of business: attending a Christmas carol charity benefit in William’s place.


See Photos From Past Royal Weddings

See Childhood Photos of Kate


#9 – Prince William

Prince William made the world swoon when he finally proposed to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton and gave her his mother Princess Diana’s ring. Proving he’s not just a pretty face, the young royal has remained committed to his military duties and his charity work – he even helped save a man’s life in November as part of a helicopter rescue mission. He also has been applauded for his protective instincts toward Middleton and her family, going to lengths to include them in decision-making and to prepare them for the trappings of royal life.


See Kate And William’s Vacation Photos

Kate And William Head To The Chapel For Friend’s Wedding


#8 – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is often in the news for her antics, bizarre outfits, and off-color comments but the singer also has a heart of gold. She has been a strong advocate for gay and lesbian rights and AIDS Awareness. In September, after one of her concerts, she met a fan named Noelle who has leukemia. After spending some quality time together, Gaga gave Noelle some shoes to boost her morale. “These are your Chemo shoes!” Lady Gaga told her. “Next time you have to go to Chemo, walk in there wearing these and remember your are a superstar. No illness can take your inner-beauty or your spirit of life away. You are beautiful!”


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#7 – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift had a stellar year with a hit record, a hit tour, and a new beau in movie star Jake Gyllenhaal, but she also excelled at spreading her good fortune throughout the world. In May, she donated $500,000 for Nashville flood relief. She also handled the Kanye West controversy in a classy way, penning a song of forgiveness that she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in September.


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Taylor Swift Grows Up, Becomes Style Icon


#6 – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah put all of her might behind her “No Phone Campaign ” to make roads safer by getting people to stop texting and talking on the phone while driving. The media queen made many of her guests sign a pledge include Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.


See Her Amazing Giveaway Episode Dedicated To Some Do-Gooding Viewers


#5 – Matt Damon

Matt Damon has been on a mission to provide the most impoverished communities with clean drinking water through his organization Water.org and also works with Save the Children to raise money for people fleeing poverty and political turmoil in Zimbabwe. He was recently honored for his good deeds at a May fundraiser in Connecticut. Water.org recently promoted new, limited edition bottles whose total proceeds will go to the charity’s fund.


#4 – Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt continues to bring his megastar money and efforts to New Orleans through his Make It Right charity, which focused on building eco-friendly homes to New Orleans’ 9th Ward- an impoverished neighborhood that was ravaged by Hurrcane Katrina. He also took New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on a tour of the Make It Right homes and then later met with local residents.


See More Photos of Brad In New Orleans

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Rush To Aid Haitian Quake Victims


#3 – Russell Simmons

He’s rich, dates beautiful women, is at the center of practically every A-list event and has his own reality TV show. But the man who seemingly has everything has devoted a large part of his life to helping others get what they need. It would be easier to put together a list of charities Simmons is not involved with rather than list the myriad of causes that he supports with his name, money and hard work. Suffice it to save that fighting homelessness, AIDS, violence and supporting the arts are just a few of the projects he not only devotes time to but also brings in his celebrity pals.  “I find the more more I give, the more I get back,” he said about his charity work and that’s how you land on the Nice list!


#2 – George Clooney

George Clooney was honored at this year’s Emmys with the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award for his extensive charity work. Following the Haiti earthquake, Clooney worked tirelessly to put together an A-list line-up for his Hope For Haiti telethon — an event which reportedly raised $57 million and was broadcast to 640 million homes worldwide.


George Clooney Donates $1 Million To Haiti Relief

Gisele Bündchen Pledges $1.5 Mil Toward Haitian Quake Relief


#1 – Sandra Bullock

In August, Sandra Bullock helped cut the ribbon on the new high school she helped rebuild in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. She and other donors raised more than $700,000 for the new facility. Earlier in the summer, she made a surprise appearance at a benefit for flood recovery in Nashville, strapping on a guitar before introducing the night’s host Faith Hill. The event raised $2 million. And while Jesse James created a scandalous public spectacle with his cheating, Sandra stayed classy, never trashed him and quietly divorced.


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Tom Hanks

He doesn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to land on this list. Everyone in Hollywood knows he’s one of the most likable, generous celebrities around.


Elton John

Sure he can be testy and engage in feuds. But when it comes to charity work, the musical genius is tireless year after year. A pioneer in bringing awareness to the battle against AIDs, the man of a zillion hit songs has never wavered from showing his compassion through fundraising.

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