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No Laughing Matter: Richard Pryor’s Grandson Accused Of Domestic Violence By Ex-Girlfriend

A 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman said that her ex-boyfriend Randise Pryor, the 23-year-old grandson of comic icon Richard Pryor, beat her so severely she needed to visit the emergency room.… READ ON


21-Year-Old Tree Cutter Survives After Chain Saw Gets Stuck In His Neck During Freak Accident 

Miracle is an understatement.
James Valentine, 21, is a tree cutter in Penn. who was left with a chain saw lodged in his neck after he slipped and fell —… READ ON

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Teacher, 31, Arrested For Sex With Male Student, 18, After Series Of Suggestive Texts Uncover Scandal 

A 31-year-old English teacher is in custody, and facing up to seven years in prison, as she stands accused of institutional sexual assault after exchanging graphic texts with an 18-year-old… READ ON


‘Did You See The Stars Tonight?’ Self-Professed ‘Craigslist Killer’ Miranda Barbour Details She & Husband’s Grisly Pre-Meditated Plan To Murder Man

The 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman claiming to have ties to a Satanic cult that influenced her to murder at least 22 people nationwide — and who’s currently charged in the killing… READ ON

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