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Idol: Lady Gaga Entertains Full House With Hit Single

Lady GaGa’s fast ascent to the top of the charts has resembled the type of career surge some American Idol performers have had when given a chance to sh… READ MORE

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OUT AND ABOUT: Celebrity Sightings (Miley, Lady Gaga, and more!)

The same week her magazine cover hit where she defends her love of boyfriend Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus went out on a very public date with her beau. In the sam… READ MORE

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Lady GaGa Adapting To Fame, Stardom

A true barometer of any rock star is the ridiculous extent of requests they demand of the venues that host them.

Lady GaGa, you’ve come a long way, baby… READ MORE

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Style: Lady Gaga Stopped by Police for Outfit

Lady GaGa always turns heads with her bizarre and often risque outfits (think latex, pantaloons, and cutouts). However, her avant garde look doesn’… READ MORE