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Michael Lohan

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RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Michael Lohan Lashes Back At Ex-Fiancee With Damaging...

Michael Lohan is getting revenge on his ex-fiancee, Erin Muller, the one way he knows how –by releasing an embarrassing audio tape.

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RADAR Online

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Sending Subpoenas For The Holidays

Will the real Michael Lohan please Tweet?

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is gearing up for a very merry litigious holiday, telling that his lawyer ha… READ MORE

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Michael Lohan’s Ex Arrested

Michael Lohan’s ex-fiance, Erin Muller, has been arrested has learned. This, just three days after Muller had Lohan busted for violatin… READ MORE

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Michael Lohan Arrested; He Says, ‘No I Wasn’t!’ (Oh ...

Michael Lohan, the estranged father of Lindsay Lohan, was arrested on Monday and has obtained his latest mugshot. Lohan was arrested  in … READ MORE

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Hailey Glassman Confirms Reunion With Mother On Twitter

Hailey Glassman got a special present for Hanukkah—a repaired relationship with her mother.

Video: Hailey Calls Jon A Monster

On Tuesday, Glassma… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Inside The Courtroom As TLC And Jon Gosselin Battle...

UPDATE 3:58 pm EST: The hearing has now recessed. Judge Mason says he will make a ruling on the injunction between 5pm and 5:30pm EST today.


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VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Complains About Having Bad Gas

It’s tough being Jon Gosselin these days.  He’s being sued for divorce by Kate Gosselin and for breach of contract by TLC in a lawsuit that saw f… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Tells TLC Lawyers How Jon Gos...

Michael Lohan virtually drew a road map for TLC’s lawyers, showing them where Jon Gosselin cashed in on his fame in ways that the networks says violat… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Deposed In Jon Gosselin Lawsuit, Reveals Busi...

Jon Gosselin‘s former best buddy Michael Lohan gave what could be a highly damaging deposition Wednesday morning in TLC’s lawsuit against t… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Caught On Tape – The Proof That Jon Gosselin Br...

Jon Gosselin‘s manager is caught on tape discussing multiple money deals for him – deals that breached the reality TV dad’s exclusive … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Says He’s Suing Over Stripper Claim...

Following an explosive report claiming Michael Lohan likes lap dances from strippers resembling his daughter Lindsay Lohan, the controversial dad is st… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jon’s Gosselin’s Babysitter Pal To Be Deposed

Lawyers for TLC  are seeking court permission to depose Stephanie Santoro in their breach of contract lawsuit against Jon Gosselin.


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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan Calls Jail Rumors “Bulls***”

The controversy involving Michael Lohan and his taped audio recordings keeps going and going and going…

Lohan’s ex-wife, Dina Lohan, is reportedl… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan Parties With Former Assistant Jenni Muro

Days after posted an exclusive audiotape of Lindsay Lohan’s former assistant, Jenni Muro (in which she rants about Lindsay’s out of cont… READ MORE

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Dina Lohan Says Lindsay’s “Time Is ...

In another exclusive audio tape obtained by, Dina Lohan admits her daughter Lindsay Lohan is drinking again.

Lindsay Lohan Had A Secret READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Cutting Drama Continues – New Photos Su...

While hearing her parents concern and seeing old photos of self-inflicted scars weren’t enough to make anyone sympathetic to Lindsay Lohan’s cycle of sel… READ MORE

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SHOCKING PHOTOS: See The Scars After Mom Admits Lindsay Is A Cutter

Lindsay Lohan’s family war has exploded publicly and now has obtained shocking photos that show scars on her wrists, apparently backing … READ MORE

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Dina Says Lindsay Lohan Was Cutting Herself

In another glimpse into the twisted life of Lindsay Lohan, her parents Michael and Dina argued over how bad the situation with their daughter was, and Dina a… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Court Rules TLC Can Depose Kate Major

A judge has ruled that TLC can depose Jon Gosselin’s ex fling Kate Major, has learned exclusively.

Williams & Connolly, the law firm r… READ MORE

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WORLD WIDE EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Had Secret Relationship With Heath...

In a shocking revelation, Dina Lohan drops the bombshell that her daughter Lindsay was secretly dating Heath Ledger when he died and his death devastated h… READ MORE