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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred to Carrie Prejean: “Sexting” Is A...

Never one to shy away from a tough situation, powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred is taking on Carrie Prejean with an open letter to the former Miss America.


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Morgan Freeman Crash Suit Settled

Demaris Meyer, the woman that was involved in a very serious car accident with Academy Award winning actor, Morgan Freeman, has settled a lawsuit that she f… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred Warns Letterman About Workplace Laws

Famed attorney Gloria Allred has written an open letter to David Letterman in wake of the sex scandal that continues to dog him. Her letter appears exclusiv… READ MORE

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jaycee’s Biological Father Breaks Down; Wants To Be i...

In an emotional press conference held Wednesday in attorney Gloria Allred’s office in Los Angeles, the biological father of Jaycee Lee Dugard, Kenneth SlREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Jaycee Dugard’s New Life: No TV, Radio Or Newspapers ...

After 18 years in captivity Jaycee Dugard‘s return to civilization is not what you might expect.

She’s not allowed to watch TV, read newspape… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred Reps Jaycee Lee Dugard’s Dad

It’s rare to see any high profile case without seeing Gloria Allred‘s name attached somewhere.

Click here to see pictures of the backyard dunREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman “Relieved” She Will Not ...

In an exclusive interview with, Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman says she is “relieved” that she will not be facing an investigation by Child Prote… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: Octo-Mom Loses Court Battle In Guardianship Case

Nadya Suleman, also known as the Octo-Mom, is still staving off attempts to maintain full control of her children and their estate. On Friday, a judge denie… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Shocked By TV Show About Her Life

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman was shocked by footage in Wednesday night’s broadcast of Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage.

Nadya’s lawyer Jeff Czech told RREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: O.J. Simpson’s Girlfriend Does Not Want Him Released ...

One person who is hoping O.J. Simpson is not released from prison is the former gridiron star’s now ex-girlfriend Christie Prody, RadarOnline.comREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Drew Peterson’s Fiancee Hires Gloria Allred

While her man is behind bars facing a murder charge, Chrissie Raines has hired attorney Gloria Allred to represent her, has learned exclu… READ MORE

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Mothers Day Messages: Open Letters to Tori and Candy

Legal eagle Gloria Allred and her daughter, television correspondent Lisa Bloom, have penned open letters to feuding family duo Tori and Candy Spelling.… READ MORE

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Octo-Mom Responds to Lawsuit

On Monday, human rights advocate and lawyer Gloria Allred filed a petition to appoint a guardian for Nadya Suleman‘s eight infants to help ensure th… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred Suing To Protect Octuplets

The controversy surrounding Octo-Mom is now moving to a courtroom.

Attorney Gloria Allred is going to announce Monday that she is suing to protect the octu… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred: Octo-Mom's Autistic Son At High Risk

After learning that Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman had been visited by police and social services, famed attorney Gloria Allred expressed her concern about the c… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gloria Allred on Octo-Mom, Stars Who Get Away Wit...

If you haven’t seen Gloria Allred on television lately, you simply
haven’t turned on your set. The famed civil rights attorney has brought

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Exclusive: Two More Octo-Babies Come Home

And then there were six.

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman brought two more babies home Thursday night, learned exclusively.

Two boys, Makai and Je… READ MORE

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Exclusive: Octo-Mom Defends “Angels” Firing: “They W...

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is defending her controversial decision to fire nurses provided by Angels In Waiting, the non-profit charitable organization th… READ MORE

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Octo-Feud Erupts: Lawyer vs. Lawyer!

The Octo-Feud between Nadya Suleman and “Angels in Waiting” has exploded online and on national TV. Famed attorney Gloria Allred, representing the “Ange… READ MORE

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Exclusive Interview: Octo-Mom Lawyer Blasts Back At Gloria Allred

After hearing some of the charges leveled at him and his client, Octo-Lawyer Jeff Czech blasted back at accusations made at a press conference held Wednesd… READ MORE