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Award Winning Filmmaker Mike DeGruy Killed In Helicopter Crash

By Radar Staff

Legendary cinematographer Mike DeGruy has died in a helicopter crash in Australia.

The Emmy and BAFTA-winning filmmaker and adventurist, … READ MORE

Costa-Concordia-passengers-compensation-Splash.jpg thumbnail

Cruise Ship Disaster: Passengers Offered Compensation For Lost Baggage...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

After insulting survivors of the cruise ship disaster by offering them 30 percent off future trips, Costa Cruises h… READ MORE

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Death Toll Rises To 12 As Woman’s Body Found On Capsized Cruise ...

By Radar Staff

A woman’s body has been found in the corridor of the capsized cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, bringing the death toll in the disaster … READ MORE

Francesco-Schettino-tripped-life-boat.jpg thumbnail

Cruise Ship Disaster: Captain Claims He Didn’t Jump Ship, He ...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

With the finger of blame in the cruise ship disaster pointing at the Costa Concordia’s captain, the man who sREAD MORE

Costa-Concordia-ship-sink-photos.jpg thumbnail

Cruise Ship Disaster: Photos Show Horrifying Mess Survivors Had To Esc...

By Radar Staff

As more and more shocking details emerge regarding the cruise liner disaster that occurred off the coast of Italy on Friday night, shocking p… READ MORE

cruise-ship-captain.jpg thumbnail

Costa Concordia Captain Arrested, Abandoned Sinking Cruise Ship!

By Radar Staff

Captain Francesco Schettino abandoned his crippled cruise ship, numerous eyewitnesses have revealed, and now Italian authorities are of… READ MORE

cruise-ship-capsized.jpg thumbnail

Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Disaster Being Compared To Titanic, Dozens...

By Radar Staff

A massive cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Italy Friday night, and the disaster is already being compared to the Titanic.


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Famous Titanic Sketch Fetches $16,000

It was one of the most sensual scenes in TitanicLeonardo DiCaprio‘s character Jack sketching a naked portrait of Kate Winslet‘s Ros… READ MORE

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Leonard DiCaprio Attacker Pleads No Contest To Felony Assault Charge

Aretha Wilson, the woman accused of slashing Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face at a Hollywood Hills party several years ago, formally pled no contest to a si… READ MORE

wenn2919111leopost.jpg thumbnail

Leonardo DiCaprio Attacker Still In Custody, Hearing Continued

Aretha Wilson, the woman accused of cutting Leonardo DiCaprio‘s face with a piece of glass five years ago, was slated to plead guilty to charges of as… READ MORE

40606A2_STUART_G_BAUER_GR.jpg thumbnail

Titanic Actress Gloria Stuart Dies At 100

Gloria Stuart, who played the older version of Kate Winslet‘s character Rose in 1997’s blockbuster Titanic, died at the age of 100 Sunday at h… READ MORE

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Leonardo Di Caprio Dishes: No Drugs, But A Lot Of Stress

Hot off the success of his new sci-fi thriller Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio opened up to Rolling Stone magazine in their upcoming issue about his personal … READ MORE

RADAR Online

Director James Cameron Weighs In On Plugging Massive Oil Spill

Oscar winning director James Cameron has taken Hollywood by the horns, now he’s trying his hand in the Gulf of Mexico: the Avatar filmmaker met with o… READ MORE

RADAR Online

PHOTOS: James Cameron’s Personal Pandora

Hollywood director James Cameron is the most successful director of all time with Avatar grossing over $1.292 billion and Titanic pulling in $1.242 billi… READ MORE

RADAR Online

PHOTOS: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Boat Trip With Bar

Life is good for Leonardo DiCaprio these days, as he has the number one movie in the nation and the number one girl on his arm.

PHOTOS: Leonardo DiCaprio & READ MORE

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VIDEO: Leonardo DiCaprio Prefers Working To Wedding

Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio is in no rush to the altar — for now, he just wants to work.

The Titanic star, appearing on Good Morning America Wednesday… READ MORE

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Leonardo DiCaprio Dressed To The Nines On Film Set

Leonardo DiCaprio looked dapper in his pinstriped suit on the set of his upcoming film, Inception, in Los Angeles, California on Monday.


RADAR Online

Leonardo Dicaprio Lives On The Edge

Leonardo Dicaprio was snapped hanging out of a window ledge while filming his upcoming flick, Inception, in downtown Los Angeles, California on Thursday… READ MORE

RADAR Online

Watch Those Icebergs: Titanic To Be Released In 3D?

Talks are ongoing for the 1997 mega-hit Titanic to be converted to 3D and re-released, in the same vein of other films, such as the Toy Story franchise.