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Katherine Heigl In Harper’s Bazaar: Helps Animals

Heigl graces next month’s cover of Harper’s Bazaar, looking beautiful we might add, and opens up about learning to think before she speaks, her career, mar… READ MORE

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Gifting Suites Go To The Dogs

Celebs get to go to gifting suites all the time, so why not their dogs?  This weekend, Cesar pet food hosted a glamorous Silver Spoon Dog suite, for the four-l… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Mariah Carey Living Large In Puerto Rico

A happy smiling Mariah Carey was spotted arriving in Puerto Rico Tuesday night, and can bring you the photos.

PHOTOS: Mariah Arrives In PuREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Corey Haim Once Donated All His Cash To Animal Sh...

Like many people in Hollywood, Corey Haim‘s close friend, and ex-girlfriend, actress Holly Fields, was left devastated by the passing of the 38-ye… READ MORE

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Kellan Lutz Shows His Softer Side

Beneath his rippling muscles and playboy smile, Twilight hunk Kellan Lutz has a heart of gold- especially when it comes to his animal friends.

Kellan Lutz PREAD MORE

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Petproject: Fun Pet Toys That last!

We’ve all had the experience of buying squeaky toys for our pups and within minutes they are strewn on the floor and you’re left hoping Fido didn’t swallow th… READ MORE

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Tila Tequila Continues Her Fight To Save Casey Johnson's Dogs

While she continues to grapple with the loss of her fiance Casey Johnson, Tila Tequila is cherishing the memories of their time together and also expressin… READ MORE

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Homecoming Howl: Vote For Your Favorite Collegiate Mascot!

That’s right, its election season again, but this one doesn’t involve donkeys or elephants – just four-legged stars who have represe… READ MORE

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Halloween Pups

I have two doxies that like to play dress-up. It’s the truth. Henry and Lola love the attention their costume garners, while Maggie, our shy rescue prefers t… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Stars Tell All About Their Pets!

Hollywood has gone to the dogs — literally!

The stars came out Tuesday night when GQ and NSF clothing line joined forces with the The Humane Society of … READ MORE

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Cast Your Vote For Favorite TV Pooch!

That’s right, its election season again, but this one doesn’t involve donkeys or elephants — just four-legged stars who have wagged their tails on t… READ MORE

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Forest Fires Threaten Linda Blair’s Animal Shelter

Linda Blair may have played a demon-possessed little girl, but in reality The Exorcist star is a volunteering angel whose World Heart dog sanctuary is curr… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: PETA Tries To Intercept Michael Vick’s Job Search

PETA  will not be writing letters of recommendation for Michael Vick anytime soon.

The animal protection agency issued a statement Thursday on the former … READ MORE

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Celebrity Pet Of The Week: Kristin Cavallari

Even divas love the doggies: The Hills beauty Kristin Cavallari couldn’t resist holding this adorable little dog while she was enjoying lunch at Jo… READ MORE

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Doggie DNA Testing

Will this trend of “humanizing” our pets ever die?

Doggie spas, doggie daycare, doggie fashion are all the rage, but now comes the latest with Doggie DNA tes… READ MORE

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Want To Save Your Carpet From The Dog Days Of Summer?

Tired of your puppy’s paws tracking filth onto an expensive rug or just-mopped floor every time they saunter into the house? Want to be able to clean t… READ MORE

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Pawlish : Nail Polish For Dogs

Have you ever found yourself looking at your dowdy, plain Jane pooch and thinking, “Hmmm, Sheba would look good with Fire Hydrant Red nails right now?”


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Let Me In! : Pet Chime

Why didn’t we think of this? Why should our poor pups scratch and whine at the door to get out, when they could simply be ringing the dog chime in a civilized man… READ MORE

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Must -Watch Viral Video: Daschund Dandies Race!

Forget the evolution of dance, Rick-rolling or Susan Boyle — has the viral video to trump them all: the Doxie races!

A diverse group … READ MORE

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & PHOTOS: Inside Michael Vick’s House...

House arrest isn’t exactly torture for former NFL star Michael Vick. Sure, he’s sporting an electronic-monitoring device on his ankle, but heR… READ MORE