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EXCLUSIVE: Ex-American Idol Official Doesn't Like Four Judges

The former Executive Producer of American Idol told in an exclusive interview that having four judges on the panel is a mistake.


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David-Goliath Match-up Marks Idol Finale

Adam Lambert has received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell, Michael Phelps comparisons from Paula Abdul and a Beatlemania-esque reception when he re… READ MORE

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ONLY ON RADAR: Simon Says Kris Will Win!

If Simon Cowell gets his way, there’s going to be a big upset in the American Idol finale. Cowell told Tuesday night that front runner Adam LREAD MORE

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IDOL: Simon Says: Adam Lambert Will Win!

Barring a major upset, it appears as if Adam Lambert has this season’s crown on the popular variety show all sewn up — even Simon Cowell thinks s… READ MORE

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Simon Cowell Won’t Let Susan Boyle Sing On Oprah

Susan Boyle ought not dream any dreams about serenading Oprah Winfrey.

Simon Cowell and Britain’s Got Talent officials have told the Scottish YouT… READ MORE

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IDOL: Teen Idol Contestant Holds Her Own With Simon

Simon Cowell’s soft side, evidenced by his recent endorsements of underdogs Susan Boyle and Jamie Pugh, took a rest Tuesday, as the snarky Brit gril… READ MORE

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Simon Says Kara DioGuardi's Job Safe For Next Year

Adam Lambert may be the odds-on favorite to take American Idol, but the show already has another winner.

Kara DioGuardi, the fourth judge added to the popul… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Move Over Susan Boyle! Watch Britain’s Got Talent’s New Star...

Just weeks removed from a Les Miserables number turning a plain Jane spinster into an overnight household name, Britain’s Got Talent has a new risin… READ MORE

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Simon Wants "Rock Star" President To Show Up On Idol

American Idol‘s stage has hosted a veritable who’s who of the country’s brightest talents.

But there is one rather recognizable Amer… READ MORE

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Paula Abdul Surprised By Fourth Judge Hire

Paula Abdul -clearly not happy – says she found out that the producers of American Idol had hired a fourth judge as she was leaving to attend the first r… READ MORE

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Idol: Anoop Dogg Scorched In Disco Inferno

Anoop Desai couldn’t have picked a worse time to throw a gutterball.

The 21-year-old North Carolina native, clad in a pink sweater while showing off … READ MORE

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Idol Judge Asked To Judge Sex

Its hard to argue Simon Cowell has an eagle’s eye for talent, at least when when it comes to music.

Speaking to late night host Craig Ferguson, the bras… READ MORE

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Idol Shocker! Simon Saves Matt

Thirty-six million American Idol viewers voted Matt Giraud off the show Wednesday, but he would live to sing another day.

After Giraud belted out Bryan Ada… READ MORE

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Booted Idol Megan Joy: “Boo Simon, You’re Mean!”

Today, caught up with recent Idol cast-off Megan Joy on the set of Idol Tonight on  the TV Guide Network. 

The country watched on as the blon… READ MORE

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Adam Lambert: Born To Be Idol?

Adam Lambert has a tough act to follow: himself.

The 27-year-old Los Angeles native, who received a rare standing ovation last week from judge Simon CowellREAD MORE

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Idol: Oscar Winner Mentors On Movie Night

Sure… Quentin Tarantino can direct a film, but can he direct the singers competing on American Idol?

On Tuesday night, he proved he can.

Tarantino  &… READ MORE

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Idol: Scott MacIntyre's Search For Idol Crown Over

Scott MacIntyre, the first legally-blind American Idol contestant, was sent packing on Thursday night’s results show.

After weeks on the bubble i… READ MORE

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Idol: Simon Gives Adam Lambert Standing Ovation

It’s uncommon for Simon Cowell to get on his feet for anyone, but Adam Lambert is anything but common.

Lambert, favored by many as the preemptive winn… READ MORE

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Idol: Simon Unchanged Since Younger Days

In the spirit of last night’s Idol theme — in which contestant sang songs from their birth year — we also got to see pictures of the judgin… READ MORE

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Simon Cowell Getting Burned-Out

Simon Cowell is feeling a little overworked.

The 49-year-old told told the UK Sun that a tough 2008 put him into an introspective position about where he wan… READ MORE