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EXCLUSIVE: Shauna Sand’s Last Hurrah Before Celebrity Rehab

Shauna Sand, the former Playboy Playmate who is going to be a cast member of the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab 4, decided to hit the town Thursday night f… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Rehab 4 Starts Filming As Cameras Follow Jason Da...

Let the drama begin.

Celebrity Rehab 4 has started filming and RadarOnline.com has the exclusive first sighting.

Jason “Gummy Bear” Davis w… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila Will Reveal Ecstasy Use On Show

Reality Star and Twitter addict Tila Tequila will reveal her secret addiction to Ecstasy on Celebrity Rehab 4, RadarOnline.com has learned.


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Ex-Lover Rips Tila Tequila: She’s Doing Celebrity Rehab For The ...

Courtenay Semel is slamming her ex-girlfriend Tila Tequila for doing Celebrity Rehab 4, claiming she’s only in it for the money.


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EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila’s Drug Problem: Snorting Ambien

Tila Tequila is headed to Celebrity Rehab 4 for a self-admitted prescription pill problem, and now RadarOnline.com is exclusively revealing the details … READ MORE

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Tila Tequila Admits To Prescription Pill Problem

Tila Tequila says she has a prescription pill problem and is heading to VH-1’s Celebrity Rehab 4.

The reality TV star broke the news on her Web site and (1) too… READ MORE

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Racy Gossip Girl, Desperately Glam Housewife: Best And Worst Thursday

Eva Longoria Parker looked gorgeous in her Elie Saab gown at the Cannes Film Festival Premiere of Robin Hood on Wednesday night, getting super sexy for the a… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Welcome To The Darkside – Tila Tequila Bares All On Red ...

It’s amazing what they’re doing with masking tape these days: Tila Tequila was snapped on the red carpet of the release party for her new album… READ MORE

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Jessica’s Style Comeback: Best And Worst Thursday

Jessica Simpson restored her style siren status on Wednesday afternoon, stepping out in NYC in startlingly chic fashion.  The gorgeous blonde singer, lo… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila In Bizarre Adoption Drama With Pregnant 15 Yea...

Tila Tequila has been talking about adopting a baby for months and RadarOnline.com has discovered a bizarre drama centered on a pregnant 15-year-old girl … READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Tila Tequila Shops In Lingerie – Eyes Sausage And Plays ...

Who says Tila Tequila is a fame hungry attention addict? Certainly not RadarOnline.com!

We mean, who doesn’t go shopping at the grocery store dress… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Courtenay Semel Not Dating Men OR Women

Courtenay Semel is still grieving over the death of her ex-girlfriend Casey Johnson — but her friends are urging her to go back to dating men, RadarOnREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tila Tequila Hosts Garage Sale

Ever wanted to own your very own piece of Tila Tequila?

Fans got their chance this weekend, when the larger-than-life star hosted a garage sale at her Los Ang… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila Says She Will Sue All Of Her Haters

Tila Tequila may be one of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood, but RadarOnline.com has learned that the internet sensation is taking a stand and will n… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Sexiest Web Vixens

Not ones to be left behind, these women are at the forefront of the latest web waves. RadarOnline.com has compiled a list of the top 10 sexiest female celebri… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Tila Tequila’s Packing Her Bags, Havi...

The spotlight-loving Tila Tequila shared some exclusive news with RadarOnline.com about her plans for the future, which include moving out of her house i… READ MORE

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Tila Tequila: I’m Getting Married

Tila Tequila, the reality star of a million tweets, claims she’s getting married to the father of her unborn child.

PHOTOS: Tila Tequila Shops With “Baby”


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EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila Under Attack Says ‘I’m Retiring...

Tila Tequila is best known for keeping herself in the public spotlight, but now the reality TV starlet says she’s retiring to focus on her pregnancy.


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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tila Tequila Foreshadows Her Banged Up Head During Ph...

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, reality TV star Tila Tequila was hospitalized early Saturday morning after she fell, bumped her head and suffer… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila Says She’s Adopting Baby Boy From Russia...

Even though Tila Tequila claims she is pregnant with her own child, RadarOnline.com has learned that the reality TV star isn’t satisfied with having just o… READ MORE