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EXCLUSIVE: Dr Phil Tells Radar: I Hope ‘Golden Voice’ Ted ...

Ted Williams — the homeless man with the Golden Voice — has reportedly quit rehab and the man who convinced him to seek treatment for drug and al… READ MORE


Dr. Phil Convinces Golden-Voiced Ted Williams To Enter Rehab

Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man whose golden tonsils made him an overnight sensation, is headed to rehab, is reporting.



EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Woman Suing Dr. Phil Hospitalized For Stress

The interior designer suing TV talk show king Dr. Phil for $7 million has been hospitalized, has learned.

Brynja McGrady is resting at hom… READ MORE


EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Dr. Phil’s New Multi-Million Dollar Beverly Hil...

The man known for saying “Let’s do it” is taking action himself – by moving into a new Beverly Hills mansion – and RadarOnlREAD MORE


Dr. Phil Selling Beverly Hills Mega-Mansion

Television shrink Dr Phil McGraw and his wife Robin McGraw have posted the ‘for sale’ sign outside their $16.5 million Beverly Hills mansion… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Friend Of Confessed Killer Joran van der Sloot Suffers Lega...

A former friend of confessed murderer Joran van der Sloot has suffered a legal setback in his lawsuit against Dr. Phil, has learned exclus… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Paris Hilton To Dog Fighting Advocate: “I Kinda...

Paris Hilton, who loves to  travel with her Chihuahuas, appears on the Dr. Phil show Tuesday with two other dogs up for adoption and had harsh words for an adv… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Dr. Phil Shaves Off His Mustache For First Time in 40 Years; B...

Dr. Phil shaved off his mustache on the Oprah Winfrey Show live from New York Friday “because Oprah asked him to,” a source told


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EXCLUSIVE: Leeza Gibbons Is Calling All Mothers And Daughters To Move ...

Hollywood Confidential radio talk show host Leeza Gibbons is taking some time off the air to host the Mothers and Daughter Move Mountains event this May and … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dr. Phil Hires Kelly Osbourne As Contributor On Addic...

Kelly Osbourne is now a special contributor for Dr. Phil in what may appear to be the most unique combination on television, has confirmed… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Evander Holyfield Confirms He KO’d Dr. Phil...

Evander Holyfield has confirmed he’s KO’d his scheduled appearance on Dr. Phil after a domestic violence incident with his wife Candi.


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EXCLUSIVE: Evander Holyfield Clashes With Dr. Phil, Cancels Appearance...

Former world champion boxer Evander Holyfield has delivered a ratings blow to Dr. Phil McGraw by refusing to go on his talk show to discuss his troubled marr… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Evander Holyfield And Wife Arrive In L.A. To Meet With Dr. ...

Evander and Candi Holyfield arrived in Los Angeles Saturday for their meeting with Dr. Phil.

The Holyfields flew in from Atlanta and checked into a luxury H… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Evander Holyfield Wants To Go To Haiti With Dr. Phil And Ge...

Former world champion boxer Evander Holyfield and his wife Candi are in talks to appear on the Dr. Phil Show to try and patch-up their troubled marriage, RadREAD MORE

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Dr. Phil’s Advice to Jon and Kate: Stay Together To Make Money!

When Jon and Kate Gosselin turned to Dr. Phil for counseling about their troubled marriage the TV shrink, instead of offering ways to rebuild their bond, ad… READ MORE

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Woman Suing Doctor Phil; Claims “Imprisoned” With Naked Ma...

TV doctor Dr. Phil McGraw and Paramount Pictures are being sued by an Irvine, California woman, who is claiming both parties subjected her to imprisonment … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Sticks Up For Dr Phil After Jon’s Attack

On her second consecutive day as guest co-host for The View, Kate Gosselin took an opportunity to defend Dr. Phil McGraw against unflattering charges from … READ MORE

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Jon Gosselin Interview: Gets Advice From Doctor Phil, Talks About Hitt...

Jon and Kate Plus 8‘s Jon Gosselin opened up in an ABC Primetime Interview on Tuesday night, even tearing up at one point.

See the latest photos of Jon gREAD MORE

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Swatches of Fraud: Dr. Phil’s Decorating Drama

Dr. Phil McGraw would be the first to tell you–healing starts at home.

That’s why the talk show host and his wife Robyn are barking back at a deco… READ MORE

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POLL RESULTS: Fans Turn on Octo-Mom’s Kate Gosselin Comments

It was the battle of the moms on a recent poll which asked whether or not the Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman was fit to call Kate Gosselin “desperate and … READ MORE