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Paula Deen Calls Anthony Bourdain ‘Very, Very Cruel’

By Amber GoodhandRadar News Editor

When food enthusiast Paula Deen revealed she has type 2 diabetes many of her fans were shocked and appalled that … READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan To Appear On An Episode Of Glee

By Radar Staff

It’s been quite a week for Lindsay Lohan!

Nearly finished with her community service and set to be off probation soon, the Mean Girls star has s… READ MORE

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Peyton Manning Signs $96 Million Deal With Denver Broncos, Where Will ...

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

The ink is not even dry on the whopping five year, $96 million deal that Peyton Manning signed on Tuesday with the Denv… READ MORE

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The Hangover Part 3? Andy Samberg Loses His Memory, Charms A Snake In ...

By Radar Staff

Have you ever woken up in the morning in a strange place next to a smokin’ hot woman and the first words out of your mouth were in a foreign languag… READ MORE

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'Sarah Palin' Returns To SNL

By Radar Staff

She’s baaaaack! Sarah Palin returned to Saturday Night Live but last night it was Andy Samberg who brought the former Vice Presidenti… READ MORE

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Going Back To Her Roots! Lindsay Lohan Dyes Her Hair Red

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

She’s back!

Lindsay Lohan says she’s trying to straighten her life out and this seems like a major step in … READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Makes Painful Return To SNL

By Radar Staff

Lindsay Lohan‘s guest hosting gig on Saturday Night Live was almost criminally bad.

Entertainment Weekly is already suggesting she … READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Licks Wounds With Retail Therapy After SNL Bomb

By Radar Staff

A day after her poorly-received performance hosting Saturday Night Live, Lindsay Lohan embarked on a retail therapy expedition in her nati… READ MORE

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Prince Harry Drinks And Dances His Way Through The Caribbean

By Radar Staff

Prince Harry lived up to his nickname, the Party Prince, Friday night in Belize.

In the first day of his week-long tour of Commonwealth countr… READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan: ‘I Am Clean And Sober”

By Neil WoulfeRadar Senior News Director

Lindsay Lohan says she’s reformed.

In an exclusive interview taped Tuesday, but airing on Thursday’s TOREAD MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Impressing Saturday Night Live Cast With ‘Her Profession...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Lindsay Lohan is in full preparation mode for her guest hosting stint of Saturday Night Live this weekend, and she ha… READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Jokes Of ‘Stealing’ The Media’s Attention In New SNL Spo...

By Radar Staff

Lindsay Lohan pokes fun at herself — namely, all of the media attention she “steals” — in a preview for this week’s Saturday NighREAD MORE

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Lindsay Lohan: ‘Partying Not My Thing; I’ve Become More Of A Hom...

By Radar Staff

The Lindsay Lohan redemption tour is in full swing, and before the actress hosts this week’s Saturday Night Live, she stopped by The Today ShoREAD MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Arrives In NYC For SNL & ‘No Holds Barred’ Today Sh...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Lindsay Lohan has just arrived in New York City to begin rehearsals for Saturday Night Live, which she will be hostin… READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Is ‘Incredibly Excited’ To Host Saturday Nig...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

With Lindsay Lohan‘s legal woes seemingly coming to an end, the actress is ready to step back in front of the ca… READ MORE

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Maya Rudolph Kills It As ‘Beyonce’ On SNL, Justin Timberla...

By Radar Staff

Maya Rudolph knocked it out of the park with her Beyonce impersonation in a Saturday Night Live skit about all the celebs coming by to see her ba… READ MORE

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Karmin Dishes On SNL Performance And Zooey Deschanel

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

Saturday Night Live is the place to be for musical acts and the latest group to perform rocked the stage an… READ MORE

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Who Is Lana Del Rey? Seven Things You Didn’t Know About The SNL ...

By Radar Staff

Lana Del Rey flopped on Saturday Night Live. Bad…. Or did she?

The singer, whose performance on the January 14 Saturday Night Live broa… READ MORE

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Channing Tatum Channels Tom Brady In Night-Before Super Bowl Outing On...

By Radar Staff

Saturday Night Live had some serious fun with the Super Bowl last night, as guest host Channing Tatum played Tom Brady, out at a bar on the night … READ MORE

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Life Is Ruff For Casey Anthony’s Dog! Daniel Radcliffe Plays The...

By Radar Staff

Daniel Radcliffe hosted Saturday Night Live and brought the house down with the bit he did on Weekend Update.

The Harry Potter star appeared a… READ MORE