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Father Of Petit Family Killer Testifies, ‘Josh Was Always A Mira...

By Radar Staff

Dr. William Petit has been a constant sight in court since his wife and two daughters were murdered during a horrific home invasion in 2007, bu… READ MORE

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Death Penalty Phase Begins In Petit Murder Trial, Sole Survivor Is ...

By Radar Staff

After finding him guilty on all 17 counts in the Petit family murders, jurors are back in court to decide if Joshua Komisarjevsky should be sen… READ MORE

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Petit Family Murderer Steven Hayes Boasts Of ’17 Kills,’ C...

By Radar Staff

As the death penalty phase of the trial for convicted killer Joshua Komisarjevsky begins on Tuesday, it is his accomplice in the Petit famil… READ MORE

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Dr. Petit Still Has ‘A Jagged Hole In His Heart,’ After Gu...

By Radar Staff

The second killer in Connecticut’s most horrific crime was found guilty on all 17 counts against him on Thursday, but for both Dr. WillREAD MORE

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Petit Trial Verdict: Joshua Komisarjevsky Guilty Of All Charges, Facin...

By Radar Staff

After eight hours of deliberations over two days, the jury found Joshua Komisarjevsky guilty on Thursday of the three grisly murders of … READ MORE

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Petit Trial Closing Arguments Heard: Defense Try To Save Joshua Komisa...

By Radar Staff

Closing arguments began in the death penalty trial of Joshua Komisarjevsky on Tuesday and jurors were reminded of the horrific nature of t… READ MORE

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Petit Family Murder Suspect’s Earliest Memories Are Sexual Abuse And C...

By Radar Staff

The testimony in the Petit Family murder trial was as grisly as ever on Thursday but this time the acts of torture and sex abuse had been inflict… READ MORE

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Petit Trial: Defense Reveals Joshua Komisarjesky Suffered From Child A...

By Radar Staff

With the prosecution in the Petit family murder trial resting their case on Monday, it was the turn of the defense team for Joshua KomisarjREAD MORE

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Defense Attorney In Petit Murders Makes Another Unsuccessful Attempt A...

By Radar Staff

The death penalty trial of triple murderer Joshua Komisarjevsky was delayed once again on Monday morning when his defense attorney appeale… READ MORE

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Prosecution Rests In Petit Family Murder Trial

By Radar Staff

After ten days of shocking evidence and disturbingly graphic details, the prosecution in the death penalty trial of Joshua KomisarjevsREAD MORE

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Horrifying New Details In The Petit Murder Trial Drive Family Out Of T...

By Radar Staff

Just when you think the evidence in Joshua Komisarjevsky‘s death penalty trial for his part in the Petit family murders couldn̵… READ MORE

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Judge In Petit Family Murder Case Rejects Request For A Mistrial

By Radar Staff

Following the early exit from the courtroom of Dr. William Petit and other family members the day before, the defense attorney for triple mu… READ MORE

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Petit Murder Trial: Shocking Cellphone Photos Of Young Michaela Shown ...

By Radar Staff

The horror surrounding the Petit family murders was taken to new extremes on Wednesday as jurors viewed graphic photos of one of the young v… READ MORE

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Petit Murders Suspect Joshua Komisarjevsky’s Taped Confession Released...

By Radar Staff

In disturbing and calculated detail, death row murder suspect Joshua Komisarjevsky explained to police how a home invasion escalated int… READ MORE

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Petit Home Is Now A Garden Memorial In Memory of the Murdered Family

by Radar Staff

The Petit house in Connecticut — the scene of a grisly home invasion, murder spree, and  arson to cover up the crime scene — is now … READ MORE

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Dr. Petit Walks Out Of Court As Daughter’s Death is Described

By Radar Staff

The death penalty trial of murder suspect Joshua Komisarjevsky continued on Monday as horrific details emerged of the final moments of vic… READ MORE

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Trial Begins For The Second Suspect In the Petit Family Murder Case

By Radar Staff

Four years after what has been described as the most horrific murder in Connecticut history, the death penalty trial of the second suspect in … READ MORE