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Help! Fix My Roots!

In the summer, our last priority is a salon fix, but after weeks of sun, chlorine and salt water we can look like a scary version of Madonna in the 80’s. So when w… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Says She’s “Not Aware” If Jon H...

Kate Gosselin touched on her ex-husband Jon’s current state of employment, or lack thereof, when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Thur… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin – A Hole Lot Of Trouble!

He ditched his wife Kate — so maybe it’s only fitting that on Thursday, Jon Gosselin found himself pulling himself out of a ditch when he appare… READ MORE

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VIDEO: South Park’s 200TH Episode Packed With Celebrity Parodie...

No celebrity was safe on the 200th episode of South Park Wednesday, in which a large group of celebs plotted to gain revenge on the town for the insensitive ba… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin’s Brother Slams “Jon & Kate Plus...

Kate Gosselin‘s brother Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi told Pennsylvania lawmakers that the eight Gosselin children have been subject to unfair c… READ MORE

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Jon Gosselin Denies Kreiders’ Exploitation Claims Against TLC

Jon Gosselin swiftly denied the accusations brought by his ex-in-laws, Kevin and Jodie Kreider, that his children were subject to unsafe conditions duri… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Admits To Sharp Tongue – “I’ve ...

Kate Gosselin admitted that she has been verbally brutal toward her ex-husband Jon, at times, in an interview with The Today Show Wednesday, and we have the … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Aiden Turner Eliminated From Dancing With ...

Hunky soap stud Aiden Turner was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night, as the All My Children star’s Monday rumba with partner Edyta READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Kate Gosselin Survives Another Week On Dan...

Despite receiving Monday night’s lowest score, reality TV mom Kate Gosselin escaped elimination from Dancing with the Stars Tuesday, as British s… READ MORE

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Dancing With The Stars Score Round-Up For April 12th Show

SCORES—TECHNICAL: 18 out of 30


TOTAL—39 out of 60


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VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Denies Jon’s Claim She’s More Concern...

Kate Gosselin shot back at ex-husband Jon’s accusations that she has been an absentee mother for her eight kids while pursuing multiple show biz projects, … READ MORE

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American Idol’s Kara DioGuardi Strips Naked For Allure

Move over (again) bikini girl: American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi shows off a flawless figure in a new spread for Allure magazine, and has … READ MORE

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Season Finale Of Melrose Place: Must-Watch TV!

The season finale of Melrose Place is tonight!  Watch to see who wins the fight between Amanda and Ella, plus Sydney makes an appearance!  How, you ask?  Wel… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Kevin Eubanks Leaving Tonight Show In May

Kevin Eubanks has made it official: the jazz guitarist and band leader is leaving The Tonight Show with Jay Leno after 18-years, can repor… READ MORE

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5 Ingredient Fix: Claire Robinson

If there is one word to describe Claire Robinson—it’s passionate!  Especially when it comes to food!  As the host of not one but two popular shows on T… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Stars Talk About Dancing With The Pain

It was no pain, no gain on Dancing with the Stars Monday, as Olympic skater Evan Lysacek danced to the night’s highest score with 52 points despite a nu… READ MORE

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VIDEO: George Lopez Welcomes Conan O’Brien to Late-Night On TBS

Late-night talk show host George Lopez showed what a class act he is Monday night when he officially welcomed Conan O’Brien to TBS –even thoug… READ MORE

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Oprah’s Aunt Claims Winfrey Lied About Sex Abuse, Rough Childhoo...

Oprah Winfrey hasn’t said a word to Kitty Kelley, the author of her unauthorized biography, Oprah: A Biography — but her cousin Katharine CarREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kate Gosselin Talks Custody Battle, What Sh...

We caught up with Kate Gosselin backstage at Dancing with the Stars Monday night, and the reality TV mom exclusively dished to about her up… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE NEW DETAILS: Real Reason Behind Paris Hilton / Doug Reinhard...

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have broken up again, has confirmed, and now, we know the real reason behind the split.

Sources close to th… READ MORE