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Duck Dynasty

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Where’s The Beard? Minister Brother Joins ‘Duck Dynasty&#...

Duck Dynasty will have a brand new cast member when it returns in August, but he’ll be missing one of the trademark images of the hit reality series.  H… READ MORE

‘Duck Dynasty’ Inspires Greeting Cards

Just in time for Father’s Day!  The hit reality show, Duck Dynasty, has inspired a series of greeting cards, and that’s just the start of the me… READ MORE

Duck Dynasty

‘Duck Dynasty’ Reality Stars Snub Fans, Refuse To Sign Autographs At E...

Willie Robertson put the “duck” in Duck Dynasty during a recent event for fans when he and one of his family co-stars skipped out on a planned autograph event… READ MORE

CMT Swamp Love

‘CMT’ Secret Reality Show Project: Network Casting Candida...

The Bachelorette is going Southern.

CMT, aka Country Music Television, is hoping to hit pay dirt with a new series to be set in the swamps of Louisiana, Radar… READ MORE


Kardashian TV Empire Collapse! Series Low Ratings For Kourtney & K...

From bikini waxes to vampire facials, the Kardashians will do anything to get ratings, but has learned that the numbers show that their fa… READ MORE