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MOVIE NEWS: Paranormal Activity Sequel In The Works & Terminator ...

Death and doom continue to produce box office alchemy and Hollywood continues to listen. On Tuesday,  it was announced that a sequel to the sleeper hit ParaREAD MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Mark Wahlberg Lands In Hospital After Movie Set Mishap

Mark Wahlberg was rushed to the hospital on Friday morning after suffering smoke inhalation on the set of his new film The Fighter, has lea… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Christian Bale’s ‘Fighter’ Face

Christian Bale has made it abundantly clear what a dedicated method actor he is.

Whether playing the brooding and handsome Bruce Wayne turned gravel-voic… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: Motorcycle Cop Injured On Set Of The Fighter

More drama on the set of The Fighter. A motorcycle cop was carried away on a stretcher after crashing on the street while on the job Friday night in Massachuse… READ MORE

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Christian Bale Crash Diets For Role?

We know Christian Bale is devoted when it comes to his craft: the cult hero actor has spurned big paydays for indie flicks, went off on a on a tirade on a product… READ MORE

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Public Enemies Is A Snooze

It’s not a good sign when the guy in the row in front of you is dead asleep throughout the entire movie. But the boredom that is Public Enemies is not star Johnny … READ MORE

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Movie Review: Special Effects Only Thing Special in 'Terminator S...

Christian Bale apologized for his infamous, profanity-laced tirade on the set of Terminator Salvation but you still can’t help but think he’s a pompous je… READ MORE

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GMA Anchor To Actor: "Does Mr. Bale Have An Anger Problem?"


Christian Bale appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Monday, and yes, co-anchor Chris Cuomo went there.

Bale — there to promote hi… READ MORE

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PHOTO GALLERY: Terminator Salvation’s Hollywood Premiere

25 years ago,  The Terminator uttered those now-famous three words: “I’ll be back.”

Well, he is back —  again.

Thursday night i… READ MORE