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Cop: Missed Opportunity To Save Elizabeth Smart Left Me Traumatized

The Salt Lake City detective who failed to spot Elizabeth Smart after he bumped into the 14-year-old and her evil abductors months before she was released c… READ MORE

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SHOCKING PHOTOS: Inside The Camp Where Elizabeth Smart Was Held Captiv...

Elizabeth Smart spent the week testifying against her accused kidnapper Brian David Mitchell and has the shocking photos, which were su… READ MORE

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Elizabeth Smart Calls Kidnapper A Hypocrite

In her third day of testimony, Elizabeth Smart dubbed her kidnapper Brian David Mitchell a hypocrite for claiming he was a religious man, RadarOnline.comREAD MORE

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Elizabeth Smart: My Captivity Could Have Ended Sooner

During  her revealing testimony on Tuesday, Elizabeth Smart told a court how an encounter with a Salt Lake City detective nearly saved her from her abducto… READ MORE

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Elizabeth Smart Reveals Graphic Details Of Rape During Testimony

Elizabeth Smart told a court in Salt Lake City how her alleged kidnapper Brian David Mitchell gave her a new Islamic name, looked at pornography and drank al… READ MORE

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Mother Of Elizabeth Smart Testifies In Alleged Kidnapper’s Trial...

Elizabeth Smart’s mom has told a court of her “utter terror” on discovering that her 14-year-old daughter had been snatched from her bedroom while the fami… READ MORE

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COURT: Elizabeth Smart Forced To Relive Alleged Rape: ‘I Tried T...

In dramatic and graphic testimony, Elizabeth Smart took to the stand in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday in the federal trial of her accused kidnapper, recou… READ MORE

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Elizabeth Smart Testifies; ‘Indescribable Fear’ As Knife H...

The trial of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapper resumed Monday as she took the stand and described the terror she felt the night of June 5, 2002, when a knife was hel… READ MORE

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Trial Of Accused Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Begins Monday

The federal trial of Elizabeth Smart’s accused kidnapper, street preacher Brian David Mitchell, will begin Monday in Salt Lake, Utah, more than eight yea… READ MORE

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Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Expected To Receive 15-Year Sentence Friday

One of Elizabeth Smart‘s kidnappers, Wanda Eileen Barzee, is expected to receive a concurrent 15-year sentence Friday in both in Utah state and fed… READ MORE

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Read Her Testimony: Elizabeth Smart Says She Was Raped Every Day

Amongst the most horrifying parts of Elizabeth Smart’s testimony in new court documents obtained by are gruesome tales of rape and abuse … READ MORE

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Elizabeth Smart To Take Stand In Competency Hearing For Accused Abduct...

Elizabeth Smart is set to give testimony in court about her interactions with homeless street preacher Brian David Mitchell, who abducted her when she was … READ MORE