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Amanda Bynes Has Had ‘No Contact’ For Months With Her Conc...

By Radar Staff

Amanda Bynes has been living as a virtual recluse and has had absolutely no contact with her parents for months, RadarOnline.com is exclusiv… READ MORE

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Michael Lohan Speaks Out On Lindsay’s Drinking Shocker: ‘S...

By Alexis TereszcukRadar Senior Reporter

By Neil WoulfeRadar News Director

Michael Lohan says Lindsay needs rehab — and not jail.… READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Violated Terms Of Probation – Tested Positive For Alcoho...

By Jen HegerRadar Legal Editor

Lindsay Lohan has violated the terms of her probation by testing positive for alcohol on June 12 or June 13, and has be… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Win: Judge Who Threatened J...

Lindsay Lohan is dodging a major bullet by not having to appear in front of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox in Beverly Hills, CA. for a probation vi… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Passes Drug & Alcohol Tests

Lindsay Lohan has passed up to 10 random drug and alcohol tests in the two weeks after she left the Betty Ford Center, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learn… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Prosecutors Continue Lohan Battery Investigation, &...

Lindsay Lohan is moving forward with her new sober life but the investigation of an alleged incident involving the actress and a former Betty Ford employee … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Judge Reads Lindsay Lohan’s Criminal File, Takes No I...

Seems like things may be finally looking up for Lindsay Lohan after her troubled past year — at least for now.

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusive… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Investigation File Delivered To Lindsay Lohan̵...

The Beverly Hills judge who could find that Lindsay Lohan violated her probation was personally delivered the cops’ criminal investigation file into las… READ MORE

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Lindsay Lohan Could Go Back To Jail For Probation Violation

Lindsay Lohan may be enjoying her first full day of freedom, but she could have already broken the terms of her probation and could end-up straight back in ja… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Facing 6 Months In Jail If She Refused Breath...

After she was caught sneaking back into her sober living facility, Lindsay Lohan allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test, and RadarOnline.com has l… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s Accuser An ‘Opportunistic Goldd...

Dawn Holland — the Betty Ford staffer fired for selling Lindsay Lohan‘s private records to TMZ — is an ‘opportunistic golddigg… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Goes On Shopping Spree During Rehab Break

Lindsay Lohan got to indulge in a favorite pastime on Tuesday during a quick trip outside the walls of her rehab. The Mean Girls star headed to a nearby shoppi… READ MORE

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PHOTO: First Pic Of Lindsay Lohan’s Shopping Spree During Rehab

As RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, Lindsay Lohan stepped outside the walls of the Betty Ford Center on Tuesday to go shopping at a nearby Forever 21 … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Supervised New Handbag Line From Rehab

Lindsay Lohan may have told a judge that her clothing line has suffered in her absence while she recovers in rehab, but the Mean Girls star can take solace in t… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Is Taking Her Counseling Seriously This Time

Before she was sent back to the Betty Ford Center by Judge Elden Fox, Lindsay Lohan received some tough advice from her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, RadarOnREAD MORE

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Michael Lohan Gives Lindsay Bible In Court, She Stays Silent

Lindsay Lohan‘s father Michael clapped in court as Judge Elden Fox ordered the actress back to the Betty Ford rehab center and when the proceeding we… READ MORE

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Probation Report: Lindsay Lohan Feels Powerless About Being An Addict,...

Lindsay Lohan’s probation report says the actress admits to feeling powerless about being an addict and that she needs to work on her issues to save her life… READ MORE

RADAR Online

BREAKING NEWS: Lindsay Lohan Arrives To Court

UPDATE: Lindsay has just arrived to the courthouse at 08:05 PDT — 25 minutes minutes prior to her hearing. She’s now inside. No cameras were al… READ MORE

RADAR Online

BREAKING NEWS: No Jail For Lindsay Lohan – Judge Orders Her To S...

Lindsay Lohan caught a major break on Friday when Judge Elden Fox chose not to send her to jail and ordered her to stay in rehab at the Betty Ford Center.


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EXCLUSIVE: Judge Refuses To Meet With Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyers Be...

The Los Angeles judge who could send Lindsay Lohan back to jail as soon as Friday is refusing to meet with the Hollywood wild child’s attorney, RadarOREAD MORE