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Bruce Jenner

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Bruce Jenner Track Coach Supports His Transformation

Bruce Jenner's Former Track Coach Stunned By His TRANS-Formation

It’s been nearly four decades since Bruce Jenner won the Olympic gold medal and his former coach says he hardly recognizes the man — soon to be woman! — … READ MORE


Inside Bruce Jenner’s New Feminine Wardrobe

Bruce Jenner is finally ready to make his physical appearance match the way he feels inside, from his hair to his clothes. And according to a source close to t… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner's Changing Look

Over the years, former Olympian Bruce Jenner‘s appearance has changed drastically. We look back at the evolution of the Kardashian step-dad̵… READ MORE

The Top 15 Revelations In Bruce's Transition From Male To Female

Click through RadarOnline.com’s gallery to find out what’s fact and what’s fiction in Bruce Jenner‘s incredible transforma… READ MORE

Kris Jenner Bruce Jenner Drunk Dialing

Boozed-Up Kris Calls Bruce To Blast Sex Change

Kris Jenner has yet to make a public statement on her ex-husband Bruce Jenner’s sex change — but RadarOnline.com has learned she’s saying plenty behind clo… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Transformation Suffered In Silence

Bruce Jenner 'Suffered In Silence' For Years Over Sexual Identity

Bruce Jenner is finally ready to reveal his transformation plans to the world, but RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that it was a long and lonely ro… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Transformation Kris Jenner Complete Denial

Kris Refuses To Call Bruce By New Female Name

Bruce Jenner’s transformation is wreaking havoc with his ex-wife Kris Jenner. According to a new report, she is in “complete denial” over hi… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Sexuality

Bruce Jenner Reveals Who He'll Date Post-Transformation

As Keeping up with the Kardashians patriarch Bruce Jenner begins to open up about his brave transition, his family has started to ask a lot of questions. Amo… READ MORE


Kardashians Kancel 'All Press' To Avoid Transition Questions

Mums the word!

In an effort to avoid any more questions about Bruce‘s alleged transition, the Kardashian family opted out of all press for the upcomi… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Docu-Series

Bruce Jenner Taking Full 'Creative Control' Of Transition Docu-Series

Bruce Jenner is filming again for E!, but this time he’s calling the shots! According to a source close to the production of his new docu-series, whic… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Transformation Mom Serious Talk Honest Identity

Bruce's Mom Reveals Details Of Their 'Serious' Transformation Talk

Bruce Jenner‘s decision to go through a gender transformation was one he kept very private, surprising even his own mother with the news. Now, days a… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Sex Change

Bruce Reportedly Stole Kim's Lingerie, Hid It In His Closet!

Kim Kardashian was the first family member to break the silence about her former stepfather Bruce Jenner’s transformation— and according to a new r… READ MORE


'Intense' Therapy Helped 'Ashamed' Bruce Jenner Accept His Identity

For years, Bruce Jenner hid his true identity from the world. But after beginning “intense” therapy last year, RadarOnline.com has learned… READ MORE

Kourtney Kardashian Bruce Jenner Transition

Kourtney & Scott Struggling To Tell Kids About Bruce's Transition

Kourtney Kardashian and three-time baby-daddy Scott Disick are facing one of their toughest challenges yet — but this time it has nothing to do with their rREAD MORE


Bruce Jenner's Mom Says Transformation Not A Surprise

The news that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman stunned the world — but not his mother. Esther Jenner tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that she’… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Transformation Diane Sawyer Interview

Bruce Jenner Filming Diane Sawyer Interview This Weekend

Bruce Jenner isn’t wasting time now that the big transitioning secret is out! It was rumored that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was prepar… READ MORE

Kris Jenner Ex Husband Bruce Jenner

Kris Claims She Denied Bruce's Transformation To Protect Daughters

Kris Jenner has never been known for her honesty when it comes to her relationship with her ex-husband, Bruce Jenner. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians mo… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner's Changing Look

Over the years, former Olympian Bruce Jenner’s appearance has changed drastically. We look back at the evolution of the Kardashian step-dad̵… READ MORE

Bruce Jenner Transition Feud

Inside Bruce & Kris Jenner's Feud Over His Transition

Following Bruce Jenner‘s split from his wife of 23 years, Keeping up with the Kardashians matriarch, Kris Jenner, the once happily-married couple … READ MORE

bruce jenner transitioning mom esther confirms

Bruce Jenner’s Mom Confirms He’s Becoming A Woman

After months of speculation, RadarOnline.com can confirm that the rumors are true: Bruce Jenner is transitioning to become a woman! In a world exclusive i… READ MORE