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Paula Deen Uncle Bubbas Closed

Paula Deen Closes Georgia Restaurant At Center Of Racist N-Word Scandal — Newly Unemployed Staff Is Angry!

Just one year after employees at a Georgia restaurant owned by Paula Deen charged the celebrity chef used racist slurs, has learned the business has closed their doors.… READ ON

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Paula Deen’s Restaurant Nightmares! ‘Old Food Buildup,’ ‘Soil Deposits’ & Other Horrors Health Inspector Found At Her Family’s Savannah Spots

With countless cookbooks, food shows, and restaurants to their name, Paula Deen, her brother Bubba Deen, and her sons Jamie and Bobby Deen have proven that cooking talent runs… READ ON

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Paula Deen Abuse Scandal: TV Chef’s Stepson Allegedly ‘Viciously Attacked’ Friend, Leaving Him With Broken Nose & Eye Socket

Paula Deen‘s 2013 just continues to get worse.
This time, her 28-year-old stepson Anthony Groover is causing her agita, after racking up multiple a felony battery charges after… READ ON


Hazardous Chemicals, Accidental Stabbings, Raging Fires & Toxic Fumes That KILLED: Inside The Dangerous Factories Making Products For TV Chef Paula Deen

TV chef Paula Deen came from nothing to build a multi-million-dollar empire that netted her $17 million last year. But that success has come at a price: Deen has been… READ ON


Victory For Paula Deen! Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Lawsuit Dismissed

Paula Deen just scored a major victory — the sexual and discrimination lawsuit claiming racism and use of the N-word was dismissed on Friday and has all the details.… READ ON


Paula Deen Scores MAJOR Win In Sex & Discrimination Lawsuit — Judge Insists ‘N Word’ DOES NOT Discriminate Against Sicilians

Paula Deen and her brother have just scored a major victory in the explosive sexual harassment and racial discrimination lawsuit filed against them, has confirmed.
A judge in Georgia… READ ON