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Petit Trial: Defense Reveals Joshua Komisarjesky Suffered From Child A...

By Radar Staff

With the prosecution in the Petit family murder trial resting their case on Monday, it was the turn of the defense team for Joshua KomisarjREAD MORE

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Defense Attorney In Petit Murders Makes Another Unsuccessful Attempt A...

By Radar Staff

The death penalty trial of triple murderer Joshua Komisarjevsky was delayed once again on Monday morning when his defense attorney appeale… READ MORE

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Prosecution Rests In Petit Family Murder Trial

By Radar Staff

After ten days of shocking evidence and disturbingly graphic details, the prosecution in the death penalty trial of Joshua KomisarjevsREAD MORE

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Petit Murders Suspect: ‘Just Didn’t Cross My Mind’ To Untie Girls ...

By Radar Staff

Joshua Komisarjevsky, the co-defendant in the 2007 Petit family home invasion/triple-murder in Cheshire, Connecticut said “it ju… READ MORE

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Trial Begins For The Second Suspect In the Petit Family Murder Case

By Radar Staff

Four years after what has been described as the most horrific murder in Connecticut history, the death penalty trial of the second suspect in … READ MORE