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Murderer Jodi Arias Looks Very Upset In New Mugshot

Jodi Arias looks like she’s about to break out in tears in her latest mugshot following her sentence of life in prison this week.

The 34-year-old, convicted … READ MORE

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Sandy Arias Insists Her Convicted Killer Daughter Jodi's 'A Victim'

Jodi Arias’s mother is probably one of the few people left still willing to come to the convicted killer’s defense.

“I do think sheR… READ MORE

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Jodi Arias Slams Travis Alexander's Family In Court

Nearly seven years after Jodi Arias slaughtered Travis Alexander, the notorious murderess continued to insist that she was the true victim during an outr… READ MORE

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Jodi Arias To Receive Life Sentence In Court Hearing

Jodi Arias will be officially sentenced to life in prison Monday, and has a live steam of the proceedings, courtesy of… READ MORE

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Cold-Blooded Killer Jodi Arias Wants To Give Lifesaving Juror 'Hug'

The mysterious Juror 17 in the Jodi Arias case has faced the harsh criticism of everyone from her fellow jurors to the victim’s family. But thereR… READ MORE

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'Juror 17' Finally Speaks Out About Fallout From Jodi Arias Case

The lone holdout juror who saved Jodi Arias from death row is finally speaking out about sticking to her decision and the fallout she’s experienced a… READ MORE

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Jodi Arias Trial Has Cost Over $3 Million—And Counting

Escaping the death penalty multiple times doesn’t come cheap! Arizona taxpayers are out around $3 million, after a jury couldn’t reach a una… READ MORE

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Did Lifetime Movie Based On Killer Jodi Arias Save Her From Death Row?...

Jodi Arias was spared the death penalty after a jury in her second sentencing trial couldn’t come to a unanimous decision.

Members of the jury panel a… READ MORE

See 25 Photos Of Evidence That Got Jodi Arias Convicted Of Murder

Jodi Arias’ death sentencing trial has ended in another hung jury. Take a look back at the evidence that got her convicted in 2013 of the brutal murder of her o… READ MORE

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Travis Alexander Family 'Saddened' By Jodi Arias Hung Jury

Travis Alexander‘s family says they’re “saddened by the jury’s inability to reach a decision on the death penalty” for … READ MORE

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Jodi Arias To Be Sentenced In April For Killing Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias has avoided being put to death for the brutal stabbing and shooting death of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, but she faces the rest of her life in p… READ MORE

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Hung Jury! Judge Declares Mistrial In Jodi Arias Death Penalty Case

Jodi Arias has received yet another reprieve in her wait for ultimate justice. Today in a Phoenix court the judge declared a mistrial after the jury could no… READ MORE

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Jodi Arias Death Sentence Decision Reached!

Jurors considering if Jodi Arias should die for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander informed the judge that they have reached a verdict… READ MORE

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Jurors Shows Signs Of Indecision in Jodi Arias Death Penalty Case

The dozen citizens deciding if Jodi Arias will be put to death for killing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander are showing signs of indecision after four full da… READ MORE

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Jodi Arias’ Life On Death Row Would Be Lonely & Bleak

If jurors decide Jodi Arias should die for for the brutal murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, her jailhouse life would almost immediately change for … READ MORE

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Jury Gets Jodi Arias Death Penalty Case After Dramatic Closing

A trial full of jaw-dropping twists and turns came to an appropriately dramatic end Tuesday as defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi pointed to a photo of a young Jodi ArREAD MORE

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Nancy Grace Says Murderer Jodi Arias Deserves Death Penalty

As Jodi Arias waits for the jury to decide whether she will face life behind bars or the death penalty, acid-tongued television host Nancy Grace spoke exclu… READ MORE

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Jodi Arias Refuses Last Chance To Speak At Death Penalty Trial

Jodi Arias made one more attempt to kick the public and press out of the courtroom so that she could speak to the jury in secret as her death penalty retrial nea… READ MORE

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Jodi Arias' Parents File For Bankruptcy

The parents of killer Jodi Arias are dead broke! According to a bankruptcy petition obtained exclusively by Radar, they have just $306 in cash and $330,000 … READ MORE

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Jodi Arias Refuses To Continue Testimony In Death Penalty Case

Jodi Arias has said her piece. has learned that the killer will not take the witness stand to resume the secret testimony she previously ga… READ MORE