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‘The A-Team’ Is An Action Packed Summer Blockbuster

Hold on to your seats! It’s been over 20 years since we’ve seen The A-Team in action and this summer’s action-packed, adventure flick d… READ MORE

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Vanessa Redgrave Leads Her Family In Sad Farewell To Her Sister Lynn

The surviving members of one of acting’s most royal families gathered in upstate New York Saturday for the funeral of Lynn Redgrave.


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Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

Short tunics, thigh-high boots and a lot of eye candy make the campy remake of Clash of the Titans a delectable romp, full of ridiculous dialogue and overwro… READ MORE

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PHOTOS: Happy St. Patrick’s Day To Radar’s Top 10 Irish Ce...

Sure n b’gora.

In honor of St. Paddy’s Day, invites you to drink some green beer, wish upon a four-leaf clover, and sit back and enjoy … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Liam Neeson Talks About Life After Wife’s Tragic Death

Liam Neeson, in his first sit-down TV interview since the tragic passing of wife Natasha Richardson, discussed his day-to-day life since her passing, his … READ MORE

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Liam Neeson Walks Red Carpet For First Time Since Wife’s Death

Actor Liam Neeson has walked the red carpet for the first time since his wife, actress Natasha Richardson, died in a freak skiing accident last March.


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LiLo Has Kind Words For Liam Neeson

Lindsay Lohan praised Liam Neeson on her Twitter page Tuesday.

“Liam Neeson is a brilliant actor,” she wrote. “And TAKEN was siiiickk… READ MORE

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Sad Birthday for Liam Neeson

Today marks Liam Neeson’s first birthday since the tragic death of his beloved wife, Natasha Richardson.

The Irish-born actor turns 57 and will be spendin… READ MORE

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Listen To Liam Neeson’s First Public Words Since Natasha Richardson’s ...

Receiving an honorary doctorate from his alma mater at a ceremony at the British Consulate in New York on Wednesday night, Liam Neeson spoke publicly for th… READ MORE

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Liam Neeson Talks To Ski-Instructor Who Was with Wife

Actor Liam Neeson has spoken to the ski-instructor who was with his wife Natasha Richardson seconds before the freak skiing accident that led to her death, … READ MORE

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Liam Neeson Takes Sons To Knicks Game

How good to see Liam Neeson smiling again.

The actor — who’s wife Nastasha Richardson died in a freak skiing accident nearly a month ago —… READ MORE

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Liam Neeson Lands New Role

Natasha Richardson would be proud. Two of her favorite men- husband Liam Neeson and good friend Ralph Fiennes– are teaming up for their next movie fo… READ MORE

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Report: Richardson’s Organs Donated To Waiting Patients

Liam Neeson, Vanessa Redgrave and other family members decided to donate Natasha Richardson’s organs to waiting transplant patients last week be… READ MORE

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Natasha Richardson To Be Buried Today

The family of actress Natasha Richardson will hold a private funeral for her in upstate New York this afternoon. The services will take place in the Hudson V… READ MORE

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Natasha Richardson Laid To Rest

Private services were held this afternoon in upstate New York for actress Natasha Richardson, who died following a freak skiing accident last week. 


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Natasha Richardson’s Casket Moved From Wake Site

A day after a tear-filled wake with friends and family, Natasha Richardson’s casket has been moved from the American Irish Historical Society in Manhatta… READ MORE

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Jodie Foster Remembers Richardson

Jodie Foster was there at the very beginning, filming Nell with Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson before the couple tied the know. As preparations to lay R… READ MORE

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Natasha Richardson’s Family After Her Death

Liam Neeson returns home to his New York apartment Wednesday night after the death of his wife Natasha Richardson. Richardson’s mother Vanessa RedREAD MORE

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UPDATE: Liam Neeson’s Movie Still in Production

While Liam Neeson works through the burial preparations for his beloved wife Natasha Richardson, the movie set he rushed from to be at her side will continu… READ MORE

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Natasha Richardson’s Funeral Details, Friend Reactions

As fans, friends, and family begin to mourn the passing of Natasha Richardson, details surrounding her funeral are surfacing as are comments from colleag… READ MORE