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Superhero Movie Genre About To Fizzle

News that Warner Bros. is planning no fewer than 10 DC comics movies in the next six years is great news for superhero fans, yes?… READ MORE

Remember When Carmen Electra Married Dennis Rodman…

Carmen Electra is opening up about her troubled relationship with former NBA player Dennis Rodman.… READ MORE

5 Huge Hits That Were Actually Covers

If you’re a fan of any of these 10 songs rounded up by the BBC, you may not know they’re actually cover versions.… READ MORE

'Frozen' Sequel In The Works?

Will there do a Frozen 2 in the near future?… READ MORE

7 Stars Attacked on the Red Carpet

Last month, Kim Kardashian was attacked on the red carpet at Paris Fashion Week—notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk grabbed her legs as she exited her vehi… READ MORE

Dallas Finally Gets Some Good Ebola News

After weeks of fear, there’s now relief in Dallas: Around 50 people who had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan before he was admitted to the hospital hav… READ MORE

Texas Ebola Worker Quarantined ... On Cruise Ship

If you’re already a little paranoid about getting sick on a cruise ship, this news is certainly not going to help…… READ MORE

Police: TNMT-Masked Man Used Stick To Rob Convenience Store

A Louisiana teen is behind bars after police say he donned a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask and used a stick wrapped in plastic to rob a convenience store Th… READ MORE

Ed Sheeran Was Once Homeless

The famous singer admits that he didn’t have anywhere to live for “much of” 2008.… READ MORE

iPhone, Tech Geek Save Woman Trapped in Ravine

A California woman can credit her iPhone and a police force’s “tech geek” with saving her life after a car crash left her stuck hundreds … READ MORE

Jennifer Garner Used To Run Around Naked

Jennifer Garner is a well-behaved mother of three these days, but she revealed to Conan O’Brien she used to get a kick out of streaking.… READ MORE

Here's Your Next Oscars Host

He’s hosted the Emmys, the Tonys, and now … the Oscars.READ MORE

First Case of Google Glass Addiction Reported

A 31-year-old enlisted service member who recently checked himself into the US Navy’s Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program for alcohol addiction beg… READ MORE