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Bobbi Kristina Brown

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Tina Brown

Tina Brown Pleads, 'Keep Praying'—As End Near For Niece Bobbi Kristina... has obtained video of Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s aunt and other loved ones as they prepare to make the heartbreaking decision of takin… READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Brown Life Support

Family To Remove Life Support On Date Of Her Mother's Death

Hundreds gathered to pray for Bobbi Kristina Brown Monday, while her family decided to remove her life support so she could die Feb. 11, the same date as her m… READ MORE

9 Tortured Kids Of Troubled, Tragic Celebrities

As news broke that Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub on January 31, 2015, comparisons were inevitably made between the … READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Brown Face Injuries

Bobbi Kristina Brown Facial Bruising Draws Police Questions - Report

While Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend claims bruises found on Whitney Houston’s daughter were caused by CPR efforts, an Atlanta TV station is reporting … READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Brown Bruises CPR

Bobbi Kristina's Injuries Were Caused By CPR Effort, Friend Claims

Amid new reports that police are investigating mysterious injuries found on Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s body, has learned that a frie… READ MORE


Bobbi Kristina Brown's Friend Max Lomas Lawyers Up

The man who discovered an unconscious Bobbi Kristina Brown in her bathtub has hired two high-powered criminal lawyers to help him deal with police investi… READ MORE

Police Investigate Boyfriend in Bobbi Kristina Brown Probe

Authorities have opened a criminal investigation into the Bobbi Kristina Brown case, one week after Brown was found unresponsive in her home.… READ MORE

Bobbi Krstina Brown Injuries Investigated, Warrant Dropped

Bobbi Kristina Brown Injuries Investigated

It’s been over a week since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her home and now investigators trying to determine what hap… READ MORE

Kevin Costner Wants Bobbi Kristina Brown To ‘Have A Second Chanc...

Kevin Costner co-starred with Whitney Houston in 1992’s “The Bodyguard” and he opened up about the late singer’s daughter Bob… READ MORE

Cissy Houston & Family Visiting Bobbi Kristina

As Bobbi Kristina Brown fights for her life at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, her grandmother Cissy Houston and other family members visit.… READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Brown Arrest Warrant

Judge Ordered Bobbi Kristina's Arrest Days Before Bathtub Accident

Could getting arrested have saved Bobbi Kristina Brown? has learned that a judge ordered that the aspiring singer be locked up just three … READ MORE

Brown Family Reunites For Bobbi Kristina Vigil

A bloody assault wasn’t enough to keep the Brown family from visiting brain dead Bobbi Kristina on Friday afternoon. Just hours after cops were called to th… READ MORE

Bobby Brown Takes A Break From The Pain, Sips A Colorful Drink

As Bobbi Kristina Brown fights for her life in a medically induced coma, father Bobby Brown takes a break from the chaos and visits a local restaurant.… READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Jogging With Accused Drug Dealer Who Found Her In Tub

Bobbi Kristina Brown was seen jogging with Max Lomas, the accused drug dealer who found her face down in a bathtub last week, in these photos taken in June of 2… READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Brown Family Fight

Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Reportedly Attacks Cousin At Atlanta Hotel

Tensions are coming to a head as doctors reportedly tell family members they can no longer do anything to save Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s life.

Two relat… READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Brown Clive Davis

Clive Davis Offers 'Support, Solace And Prayers' To Family

As Bobbi Kristina Brown hangs onto life, her mother’s longtime mentor Clive Davis‘ reaction to the tragedy, and new details on the bathtub in… READ MORE

Whitney Houston Estate

Who'll Get Whitney's Millions If Bobbi Kristina Dies

Whitney Houston‘s will included a secret provision for the distribution of her estate in the event of Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s tragic death. N… READ MORE

Bobby Brown Breaks Silence Bobbi Kristina She’s Good

Bobby Brown Reveals Whether Bobbi Kristina Is Off Life Support

Bobby Brown remains hopeful that his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is going to pull out of her comatose state. Amid new reports that she had been taken off li… READ MORE

Bobbi Kristina Grandmother Cissy Houston At Hospital

Bobbi Kristina's Grandmother Cissy Houston Rushes To Her Side

As Bobbi Kristina fights for her life surrounded by her loved ones, has exclusively learned that the intimate circle includes her matern… READ MORE

Todd Chrisley Bobbi Kristina

Houston Family Friend Todd Chrisley: 'My Heart Breaks'

Family members and friends of Bobbi Kristina Brown and her late mother, Whitney Houston, are reeling after the aspiring singer was found unconscious in he… READ MORE