Truly Man’s Best Friend: Heart Melting & Amazing Doggy Tales

By Radar Staff

They are the tales that make animal lovers feel fuzzy inside.

There’s nothing more uplifting than a heart-warming story about the special relationship between man and his furry best friend, and has gathered together some of the best.

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The stories range from dogs that remain loyal to their masters even after they’ve died to courageous pups on hand to rescue their fellow animal.

In July more than 15,000 YouTube viewers tuned in to see the clip of a dog smothering her owner in kisses when he returned from his seven-month tour in Afghanistan. Little Bailey had only known the soldier, Sean, for three months before he left the country but she didn’t forget him.

Last month a pit bull named Star was recovering after being shot in the head by a cop after fiercely trying to protect his owner – a homeless man who had a seizure on a New York street.

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In another show of loyalty a dog named Capitan in Argentina ran away from home to stand guard over his late owner’s grave… for six years!

The loyalty flows both ways. In April a Marine won her fight to adopt the K-9 partner who served with her in Iraq. And in August a dog called Hawkeye lay at the casket of his late owner Jon Tumilson during the Navy SEAL’s funeral .

In Chile a dog made headlines by saving her puppies from a house fire and taking them to the storage bin of a fire engine.

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And who could forget the photos of John Unger cradling his arthritic shepherd-mix Schoep in Lake Superior? The Bayfield, Wisconsin man told that knowing that he needed to care for the dog stopped him from committing suicide nearly 20 years earlier.

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He said: “I made the commitment when I rescued him that I was doing it for life… and I’m sticking to it.”



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