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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NFL Star says Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson Recipe ...

The red carpet at the ESPY Awards at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles Wednesday night was sizzling, and the hottest topic was the superstar breakup of the Ken &… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: How John Mayer Broke Up Jessica And Tony

Dumping someone before their birthday weekend seems especially harsh, but a source tells exclusively that Tony Romo had good reason for … READ MORE

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Jessica Who? Tony Romo Hits WeHo Club With The Boys

Obviously not wallowing over his breakup with Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo hit up the Key Club in West Hollywood with a group of guy friends on Monday night.


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Inside Jessica and Tony’s Split

It was her birthday and she’ll cry if she wants to. On the eve of turning 29, Jessica Simpson learned that boyfriend Tony Romo was putting an end to their relat… READ MORE

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Simpson Sings National Anthem – Worst Version Ever?

There were boos Wednesday at the AT&T National Golf Tournament but somewhat surprisingly they weren’t for Jessica Simpson’s National Anthem perfor… READ MORE

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Romo Turns 29; Where’s Jessica?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is spending his 29th birthday doing what he loves best ( besides football that is). He’s playing golf in the Ada… READ MORE

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Tony & Jess Step Out: It’s A Family Affair

Make no mistake about it, Tony Romo is still an all-star in Jessica Simpson‘s world.

Despite spending a lot of time apart recently, the couple reunit… READ MORE