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VIDEO: Michael Vick Reality Show Premieres

It’s been said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but Michael Vick is doing his best to break that perception in his new BET reality show, The READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Gilles Marini – Put Michael Vick R...

Gilles Marini has a great ratings stunt in mind for Michael Vick’s upcoming BET reality show.

PHOTOS: Inside Michael Vick’s House Arrest!


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Michael Vick To Star In Reality TV Show

In a move that seemed unthinkable just months ago, Michael Vick has been signed to star in his own reality TV series.


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Swoosh! Michael Vick, Nike In Business Again

It’s official: Michael Vick is marketable again.

The Philadelphia Eagles QB has inked an endorsement deal with shoe juggernaut Nike, who had cut ti… READ MORE

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NFL’s Plaxico Burress Sentenced To Two Years, Taken Into Custody

NFL All-Pro wide receiver Plaxico Burress Tuesday was sentenced to, and began serving, two years of imprisonment in connection with the incident in which … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Animal Activist Heather Mills & Other ...

Several stars in Los Angeles were talking about Michael Vick Thursday night as he made his debut with the Philadelphia Eagles against the Jags.

The event wa… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Michael Vick Shed Tears Over Animal Treatment

In a tell-all interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, disgraced athlete Michael Vick confessed to guilt and frequent episodes of tears while serving his t… READ MORE

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VIDEO: Disgraced Michael Vick On Joining Philadelphia Eagles: “I Won’t...

Michael Vick wasn’t scrambling when facing a bank of reporters Friday, after inking a two-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles following a t… READ MORE

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PETA Upset Over Eagles’ Signing Of Michael Vick

Michael Vick will live and breathe that Philadelphia Freedom — and PETA is not happy.

The animal rights advocacy group was irked, as the beleaguered quarte… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Vick Wants To Join Buffalo Bills

UPDATE: Although Vick was hoping to sign with the Bills, the team now says they have no interest in him. Vick is moving on to talk with other teams.

The Buffalo … READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: PETA Tries To Intercept Michael Vick’s Job Search

PETA  will not be writing letters of recommendation for Michael Vick anytime soon.

The animal protection agency issued a statement Thursday on the former … READ MORE

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Michael Vick To Appear On CBS’ 60 Minutes On Sunday

Disgraced former pro-football star Michael Vick will appear on CBS’ 60 Minutes on Sunday. It will be his first interview since being convicted of ru… READ MORE

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Michael Vick Released From Custody, Scrambling For NFL Job

Michael Vick is hoping to trade his ankle bracelet for a jersey.

The former Atlanta Falcon quarterback was released Monday from 23-month stint in federal c… READ MORE

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & PHOTOS: Inside Michael Vick’s House...

House arrest isn’t exactly torture for former NFL star Michael Vick. Sure, he’s sporting an electronic-monitoring device on his ankle, but heR… READ MORE

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BREAKING NEWS: Doggone! Michael Vick Leaves Prison!

Star NFL-quarterback-turned-convicted animal abuser Michael Vick was released at dawn Wednesday from the Leavenworth, Kan. penitentiary he was sente… READ MORE

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Will Reality TV Throw Michael Vick A Bone?

Yes, anyone can get a reality show.

Michael Vick is looking to scramble into the wacky world of reality TV with a series documenting his return into society a… READ MORE