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34 Celebrities Who Were Burgled and Robbed: Benedict Cumberbatch, Lucy Hale, Lindsay Lohan and More

celebrities who were robbed and burgled
Source: MEGA

May 18 2024, Published 5:00 a.m. ET

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Alanis Morissette

alanis morissette
Source: MEGA

Alanis Morissette was not at home when the burglary happened.

In February 2017, Alanis Morissette's mansion in Brentwood was burglarized by two suspects, who ran away with a safe containing $2 million worth of jewelry and other valuables. Per Los Angeles police detective Meghan Aguilar, the burglars took the entire safe and damaged some parts of the house.

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Alex Rodriguez

alex rodriguez
Source: MEGA

Alex Rodriguez was in San Francisco before the Giants vs. Philadelphia Phillies game.

A spokesperson for Alex Rodriguez said some reports' grossly exaggerated' the value of the items stolen from him.

Reports revealed in August 2019 that Alex Rodriguez lost $500,000 worth of items from his car while enjoying a postgame dinner with the production crew. The San Francisco Chronicle said the ESPN rental car had the athlete's items and was parked about three blocks from Oracle Park.

Among the stolen items were a camera, a bag, jewelry and a laptop.

However, Rodriguez's spokesperson clarified that the items taken were not more than $500,000.

"I am saddened that several items that were of a personal nature and irreplaceable with sentimental value were taken," Rodriguez said. "I am encouraged that local law enforcement has security footage of the crime and are doing all they can to get the items back."

Bella Thorne

bella thorne
Source: MEGA

Bella Thorne starred in the home invasion movie ‘Masquerade.’

Bella Thorne became a victim of a home invasion not just once but twice.

TMZ reported in September 2018 that Thorne’s house in San Fernando Valley, Calif., which was initially targeted by burglars a month prior, was burglarized. Some of her items were taken by the culprits, including her Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags.

Thorne lost an estimated $150,000 worth of personal items.

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Benedict Cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch
Source: MEGA

The suspect was reportedly a former chef at a Mayfair hotel.

Benedict Cumberbatch was with his wife, Sophie Hunter, and their children — Christopher, Hal and Finn — at their north London home when Jack Bissell kicked his way through the front gate and invaded the house. The intruder reportedly yelled, “I know you’ve moved here, I hope it burns down,” while breaking in.

Bissell was arrested and fined after the incident. He also received a three-year restraining order from the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness actor’s family.

Meanwhile, a source revealed they were terrified as they thought the guy would hurt them.

"Luckily, it never went that far. Benedict and Sophie have had many sleepless nights since worrying that they may be targeted again,” the insider continued. "The fact that it was a targeted intrusion makes it a lot more scary."

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Billie Eilish

billie eilish
Source: MEGA

The suspect was arrested after the break-in.

The Los Angeles Police Department took a man into custody for breaking into Billie Eilish’s Los Angeles home, where she grew up, in January. Police responded to the area after receiving a report about a man hopping over a fence.

The What Was I Made For? singer’s family requested a restraining order following the incident after it caused her "substantial anxiety, fear, and emotional distress."

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Britney Spears

britney spears

Britney Spears is currently dating Paul Richard Soliz.

In 2001, Britney Spears rented a Florida home where she stayed with her then-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. However, they faced a burglary after four teenage suspects stole alcohol, clothing, video equipment and "footage" of their "personal moments" from the property.

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Cesar Millan

cesar millan
Source: MEGA

'Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan' ran from 2004 to 2021.

Cesar Millan's house was burglarized in 2017, with the suspects getting access into his Studio City, Calif., home through an unlocked bathroom window. Sources said the Dog Whisperer was in Asia then, but his security cameras were working when the burglary happened.

The suspects reportedly ran away with thousands of dollars' worth of belongings.

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Christine Quinn

christine quinn
Source: MEGA

Alanis Morissette was not at home when the burglary happened.

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn detailed the attempted break-in incident at her Los Angeles home in March 2022, saying she and her husband, Christian Richard, were awoken by noises made by two armed men.

The unidentified individuals reportedly tried to invade their home through the glass window, but the suspects were unsuccessful. Quinn and Richard then called the police after what happened and credited their serious precautions as the thing that helped them avoid the worst.

"And I want people to know to take this very seriously," she wrote on Instagram. "This stuff does happen in L.A. It's happening all the time, and I don't know what would've happened if they would have been able to get through that glass. Because they would have reached our bedroom and they would have probably shot us."

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David and Victoria Beckham

david and victoria beckham
Source: MEGA

Victoria felt "insulted" that the Beckhams weren't invited to a dinner after the royal couple's wedding, Bower claimed.

A thief broke into David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s home in Holland Park, West London, in March 2022. Their son Cruz, who returned after a night out with pals, discovered the incident after coming home later that night and saw the bedroom with scattered broken glass from the damaged window.

He told his father about it, prompting them to call the police. Although they tried to search for the culprit, they could not find the suspect and the designer goods and electronics that were stolen from them.

"Sadly, the Beckhams were the victims of some fairly professional thieves who have been operating in the area," a source told The Sun. "Fortunately, the criminals only made it as far as one bedroom before they ran off."

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David Spade

david spade
Source: MEGA

David Spade worked with Adam Sandler in the upcoming Netflix original movie, 'The Do-Over.'

In 2017, David Spade became a victim of a robbery when suspects burgled his home while he was away. The men reportedly stole a safe with $80,000 in cash and jewelry inside of it.

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Dorit Kemsley

dorit kemsley
Source: MEGA

The incident happened after Dorit Kemsley revealed on the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reunion she always pays for her clothing rather than asking for freebies.

The Los Angeles Police Department released a statement to Us Weekly reporting that Dorit Kemsley’s Encino, Calif., home was burglarized on October 27, 2021. Three men reportedly broke into her room while she was asleep, taking over $100,000 worth of handbags and jewelry during their 20-minute stay on the property.

"We don’t have specific details of the investigating detective or if a gun was used or not. We’re getting very vague information since it’s in its preliminary stages,” the LAPD continued.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star reportedly pleaded with the suspects not to harm her children.

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Doug Ellin

doug ellin
Source: MEGA

Police visited Doug Ellin again days after the robbery but discovered it was a false alarm.

On December 30, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were sent to Doug Ellin's Beverly Hills home after two masked individuals broke into the property through the backyard.

Police arrested 13 people "who have been part of an organized burglary series affecting the greater Los Angeles area and adjacent communities," and the public believed some of them were the culprits behind the break-ins in Ellin's house.

"I know more people who have been robbed in the last six weeks than in the previous 30 years I have lived here combined," Ellin wrote about the burglary sprees online. "Los Angeles is spiraling."

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Source: MEGA

The suspect was immediately arrested.

In January 2023, police sources confirmed that an intruder broke into Drake's Beverly Hills mansion and left while "carrying something in the process." According to TMZ, the suspect disappeared but was arrested a few hours later.

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Fabio Lanzoni

Source: MEGA

Fabio Lanzoni previously made headlines after getting injured by a goose.

Fabio Lanzoni lost around $200,000 in valuables after his West Valley home got burglarized in March 2017.

"You feel violated, angry, upset; it's your home," he told CBS-LA. They see a nice home. They see nice cars. They burglarize everybody — just in my area, the month of March more than 350 homes just in one month, and just a section of Los Angeles. It's an epidemic."

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Gigi Hadid

gigi hadid
Source: MEGA

Gigi Hadid sparked outrage after warning her followers not to go to Mykonos, Greece, following the robbery.

Gigi Hadid revealed in an Instagram post on @gisposable account that she was robbed while enjoying a vacation in Mykonos, Greece.

"Mykonos film in. PS(A). Don't let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn't recommend. Spend your money elsewhere," she captioned her post.

Hadid and her family's personal belongings — including jewelry, sunglasses, purses, and clothing — were taken from the vacation villa.

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Julianne Moore

julianne moore
Source: MEGA

The Associated Press reported that the robbery happened between June 6 and August 28, 2012.

Julianne Moore became a victim of burglary as suspects took $127,000 worth of jewelry, including a $33,000 worth of Cartier platinum diamond tennis bracelet, from her New York City brownstone. The incident shortly after she won the Emmy for Best Lead Actress for her performance in Game Change.

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JoJo Siwa

jojo siwa
Source: MEGA

JoJo Siwa unveiled footage showing the burglars who trespassed on her Los Angeles home.

JoJo Siwa became a victim of housebreaking when suspects went inside the musician's San Fernando Valley home. The Nobody Can Change Me singer unveiled a video of the invasion showing two burglars searching her residence.

"We were robbed last night at 2:40(ish)AM... It was an armed robbery which is very scary," she told her followers. "It was a REALLLLLY long night on the phone with my security, family, and LAPD."

Kim Kardashian
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Keanu Reeves

keanu reeves
Source: MEGA

Keanu Reeves' home is worth $7 million.

John Wick actor Keanu Reeves has suffered breaches thrice since 2014. The latest incident happened in December 2023 when intruders entered his Thrasher Avenue home via the backyard and a rear window.

Officers searched the area but failed to find the suspects. It was later disclosed that the intruders were wearing ski masks.

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Kevin Connolly

kevin connolly
Source: MEGA

Kevin Connolly resides in the property with his partner, Zular Henao, and their daughter.

On Christmas Eve, Kevin Connolly's home was broken into while the Unhappily Ever After star and his family were away for the holidays.

The unidentified perpetrator gained access by forcing the back door; they took an antique gun and other minor items.

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Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian
Source: MEGA

The incident happened at a Paris hotel.

Kim Kardashian rented a luxurious suite at Hotel de Pourtalés in 2016, during which she faced a scary incident that changed her life. reported armed robbers dressed as policemen broke into her hotel room and got to her. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum handed over her diamond engagement ring she received from her then-husband, Kanye West, as one of the suspects was holding a gun to her head.

The robbers stole $10 million worth of her jewelry in the seven-minute robbery and skillfully left the area without getting caught by hotel cameras.

A source told People after the incident that Kardashian kept her silence and remained calm due to fears she might get raped and killed.

"This was a life-and-death situation. They broke in when she was in bed and put a gun to her head. She had to plead and beg for her life, telling them she was a mother, telling them about her kids," another source said.

One of the robbers, Yunis Abbas, blamed Kardashian in his interview with VICE News, reminding her to be “a little less showy.”

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Kirsten Dunst

kirsten dunst
Source: MEGA

Kirsten Dunst was in New York City to shoot an upcoming film.

In 2007, Kirsten Dunst stayed at a Manhattan hotel near the set of her film How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. She left her suite to work on the project, but she lost her items in a robbery.

The thieves stole her $13,000 handbag, cellphone and ID cards from the penthouse suite. The complaint also revealed that the suspects took two digital cameras, an iPod music player, credit cards and $2,500 in cash.

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Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan
Source: MEGA

Teens were charged after breaking into the homes of several Hollywood stars, including Lindsay Lohan's property.

The infamous Bling Ring group burglarized Lindsay Lohan's Hollywood Hills home and got $130,000 worth of clothes and jewelry. The property's security camera finally revealed their facial features following a series of heists around the area.

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Lucy Hale

lucy hale
Source: MEGA

Lucy Hale was not at home at the time of the robbery.

On January 5, 2018, Lucy Hale's San Fernando Balley house was burglarized. The robber entered the house by breaking one of the windows and stealing over $15,000 worth of purses and jewelry.

"Thanks for all the kind words about my house," she tweeted. "Luckily no one was hurt."

Hale added, "Sad to lose some sentimental items, but thankful to be safe."

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Mariah Carey

mariah carey
Source: MEGA

Mariah Carey is reportedly considering breast implants after dropping 50 pounds.

Mariah Carey's latest home robbery incident happened in June 2022 when the suspect, identified as Kenzel Walker, forced himself into the Atlanta property. The All I Want for Christmas hitmaker was in Italy at that time.

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Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus
Source: MEGA

Comparisons to Miley's iconic Hannah Montana character were also drawn.

Miley Cyrus' home was robbed thrice between 2014 and 2015.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department's North Hollywood station, the thieves—a man and a woman—stole Cyrus' $102,000 Maserati Quattroporte and jewelry while nobody was home during a 2014 incident. The car was burgled again a few months later, and the thieves made off with a large amount of her and her brother's belongings.

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Source: MEGA

One of the three armed robbers was a neighbor of the parents of Neymar’s partner, Bruna Biancardi.

Home intruders targeted Neymar’s baby mama, Bruna Biancardi, and their newborn daughter on November 7.

According to local media reports, the robbers targeted the Brazillian soccer star’s home in Cotia, Sao Paulo. G1 reported Biancardi’s parents were bound and gagged during the encounter while the robbers took branded and luxury items they found at the house.

"Material things are recovered, the important thing is that everyone is OK and that the people involved are being found," she wrote online.

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Orlando Bloom

orlando bloom
Source: MEGA

One of the suspects said she was sick outside Orlando Bloom's home after drinking a lot.

Thieves raided Orlando Bloom's Los Angeles home and took away the Gran Turismo star's $300,000 worth of belongings, including 14 watches.

A relative discovered the incident, as Bloom was reported in New York at that time.

"Orlando is gutted that his personal space has been invaded," a source said. "He should be there right now to let the police know what has been taken."

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Paris Hilton

paris hilton
Source: MEGA

The infamous Bling Ring was reportedly involved in the stealing spree.

Paris Hilton was victimized by housebreaks not only once, not twice, but seven times. According to reports, the suspects managed to get into her house when they found a key under the mat.

The heiress also reportedly left her door unlocked, causing the group to steal more than $2 million in clothing, money and jewelry.

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Rita Ora

rita ora
Source: MEGA

The burglar was found guilty of raiding the home.

Rita Ora became a victim of burglary when a thief broke into her London home and took around $250,000 worth of her possessions. Her sister Elena Ora suffered from the most fear as she was the one who saw the suspect.

"It still affects me, even today - going to sleep and things like that - because just knowing that there was a stranger in your home is never really a nice feeling," Ora told Dan Wooton. "It was harder for my sister also because she had the actual face-to-face encounter with the robber so it was difficult to get over that and we did the court cases and things, which was really scary."

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Rod Stewart

rod stewart
Source: MEGA

The thief was sentenced after pleading guilty to theft and attempted sexual battery.

Rod Stewart's Viper performance car was stolen in 2004 by a man named Donald Michael Smith, who was fired from his job. The vehicle had more than $15,000 worth of damage when found in a canal hours after the incident.

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Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock
Source: MEGA

Sandra Bullock suffered from trauma and PTSD after the incident.

Sandra Bullock’s stalker left the Unforgiveable actress traumatized following a home invasion at her Bel Air home in 2014.

Joshua James Corbett, who killed himself after the cops went to his place to arrest him following a probation violation, reportedly stalked Bullock for days before jumping over her fence and getting into her home.

Although years have passed, Bullock revealed she would find herself sobbing randomly due to PTSD.

"I would look left out of a car. Not right. I would look left, and I would start sobbing,” she recalled. "And I thought to myself, I’m a single parent and this child is going to absorb nothing but fear and trauma and shame from me in the most pivotal times of his life, and I was like, I don’t want to drop that load of baggage onto my beautiful child.”

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Simon Cowell

simon cowell
Source: MEGA

The burglar was in prison for killing a motorcyclist.

Simon Cowell’s home had been robbed several times.

In 2015, the media mogul was sleeping with his family when Darren February stole jewelry and passports from his home in West London.

"The whole incident has been very traumatic and there is a constant fear that it may be repeated and that it may be worse next time,” he said.

Cowell revealed the incident left him with extreme fear and great concerns about the security of his family. Years after the burglary, he boarded two German Shepherds to guide their home and his family.

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Terrence Jenkins

terrence jenkins
Source: MEGA

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the increase in violent street robberies days before Terrence Jenkins' home was burglarized.

KTLA and Fox11 confirmed that Terrence Jenkins became a victim of an attempted "follow-home" robbery after pulling into the driveway of a Sherman Oaks home. Four men reportedly approached them, but the BET host and another passenger managed to drive away.

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Zoey Deutch

zoey deutch
Source: MEGA

Zoey Deutch is the daughter of director Howard Deutch and actress-director Lea Thompson.

Zoey Deutch lost $300,000 in cash and jewelry when burglars robbed her Los Angeles home hours after she left her residence. She reportedly returned to find her place in disarray following the break-in.



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