Amanda Bynes Sports Pink Hair Alone In New York On 27th Birthday

It’s her birthday and she’ll pout if she wants to …

Amanda Bynes didn’t seem in any mood to celebrate as she was snapped on the streets of New York on her 27th birthday Wednesday, looking disheveled and disturbed, as the child-star-turned-wild child sported pink hair, a hooded jacket and wore dark glasses with workout pants and sandals.

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The public outing came just a day after the What I Like About You star made waves tweeting she had a doppelgänger walking the Gotham streets, pretending to her.

“Fake or real microdermals same glasses!” she tweeted (then later deleted). “I don’t own those clothes and I’m blonde! Haha!”

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The former Nickelodeon star later deleted the tweet, though a quick glance at her page shows many bizarre, incoherent, and sometimes inappropriate, ramblings.

Bynes made headlines in 2012 creating plenty of legal blotter, including a DUI, a hit-and-run, as well as two incidents of driving with a suspended license.

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Bynes, who said she is retired from acting, has had stormy relations with her family in recent times. She moved from Los Angeles to New York City last autumn, saying she wanted to work further on her fashion career.

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