ON YOUR RADAR 2012: Biggest & Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals Of The Year

By Jon BoonRadar Reporter

We’re not scared to admit that we love a good scandal at RadarOnline.com!

2012 saw an abundance of celebrities and high-powered officials (literally) caught with their pants down. Even the British Royal Family didn’t fail to disappoint with two counts of indecent exposure that left Prince Harry and Kate Middleton sporting red faces.

PHOTOS: The Biggest, Most Outrageous Celebrity Scandals Of 2012

First, to Harry. Back in August, photographers were snapping the ‘Party Prince’ living it up in Las Vegas, challenging Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte to a race and… frolicking naked with a pretty blonde during a game of naked billiards! An image of Harry’s rear end was splashed everywhere around the world and he was quickly sent home with his tail between his legs to face the Queen’s wrath.

Quick to take the attention off the Prince, just one month later, the Duchess of Cambridge made a real boob of herself! After intrusive pictures showing a topless Kate made their way onto the front cover of French gossip magazine Closer, the royal family flexed their royal muscle and suedCloser removed the pictures from their website and a witch hunt for the photographer who took the censored snaps was launched.

Female Twihards around the world were left empty and dead inside when Kristen Stewart was caught in a compromising clinch with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders – thus doing the dirty on poor Robert Pattinson. K-Stew insisted that she never actually slept with Rupert though and the pair is still trying to repair their relationship. Only time will tell if this Hollywood glamour couple will make it… Twihards, we have our fingers crossed for you.

What happens when you cross a Thanksgiving holiday, a fiery French actor and a Canadian model? A massive brawl on Halle Berry’s doorstep with a confused 4-year-old girl looking on. When Halle’s ex Gabriel Aubry dropped off their daughter Nahla at the Cloud Atlas star’s home, he didn’t bank on getting a thump (or two) from her man, Olivier Martinez. Aubry was left sporting some nasty bruises and cuts and the pair promptly filed restraining orders against each other. However, an agreement was later reached between all parties and all seems quiet on the western front… for now!

And, sadly, the union between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes just wasn’t to last. Shocking the world’s press, and blindsiding her husband of nearly six years, Katie filed for divorce in June. Despite mass speculation, there was no bitter custody battle over daughter Surian agreement was quickly, and seemingly amicably, reached that Katie was to have sole custody – and the former Ms. Cruise returned looking better than ever on Broadway in Dead Accounts.

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