ON YOUR RADAR 2012: Biggest, Shocking & Most Dramatic Celebrity Break-Ups Of The Year

By Jon BoonRadar Reporter

We’ve all been through a break-up and had our heart broken by someone we really cared about – and celebrities are no different!

In 2012, we saw a spate of celebrities whose relationships had fizzled out, their loved ones just weren’t that into them anymore or they preferred the company of another.

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Everybody thought Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis was a golden couple. Her sassy French ways seemingly complimented his bohemian, “I’m a pirate,” stylings. Add two adorable kids, Lily-Rose and son Jack and you would’ve thought nothing could go wrong. But, 14-years into their relationship Depp and Paradis ended it – and reports starting surfacing shortly after that he was having an affair with Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard.

Another two we would have put money on going the distance – Heidi Klum and Seal. Despite a fiery marriage with ups and downs, it appeared that the pair was still madly in love. They had three biological children, Henry, Johan and Lou, while Seal had adopted Heidi’s daughter Leni and they seemed the most likely of all Hollywood couples to make it to old age together. But in January they announced they were going their separate ways and shortly after Heidi began dating bodyguard Martin Kirsten. Seal accused Heidi of having an affair with Kirsten, who Heidi has said she’s now madly in love with! It’s like an episode of Maury!

Reality TV couple Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif eventually came to an amicable ending after a messy few months of catty bickering. Since the split, Paul has been making friends with Maloof’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars and frenemies Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville in what has been seen as the ultimate betrayal!

American Football star Chad Ochocinco’s life collapsed when he was caught cheating on wife of 41-days Evelyn Lozada. When Evelyn discovered a receipt for condoms in Chad’s car, he hit the roof — and her! She immediately filed for divorce and he was sacked by the Miami Dolphins, lost a host of endorsement deals and was charged with domestic abuse. Their scheduled reality show was also cancelled.

Finally, Joe and Tina Simpson. Where do we start? First, reports surfaced that Joe had come out to his family and Tina, Jessica and Ashlee were in turmoil. Then, they confirmed their divorce. Soon, men with stories of gay affairs starting coming out of the woodwork. Young, aspiring model Bryce Chandler Hill was revealed as one boy toy and gay male escort Joey Anderson waxed lyrical about his steamy night at a New York hotel with Joe, calling him “very passionate” and “very horny.”

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