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Boing Boing! Super Cute Bouncing Bulldog Has A Blast On A Trampoline

By Debbie EmeryRadar Reporter

Life should be taken in leaps and bounds, and one hilarious English Bulldog has certainly found an ingenious way to reach new heights of fun!

With his short legs and stout body, Mudd may not look like the most agile of animals but when he hops on a trampoline he has airborne skills that could catapult him into the canine Olympics, and RadarOnline.com has video and photos of his unusual playtime.

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As soon as the brown and white pooch’s owners pop him through the safety net, he immediately starts bouncing like he has springs in his paws, flipping, jumping, rolling and barking his ears off with delight.

After pausing briefly to take a quick breather, Mudd quickly pounces again and catapults himself from the spring base on his head, proving that while he may be man’s best friend a trampoline is certainly his!

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What began as a Bulldog having a blast has turned into an Internet sensation, with almost 250,000 viewers already checking out his smooth moves on YouTube.


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